Students will write a formal research essay that examines the historic and contemporary existence of (Links to an external site.)This resource will direct you to a list of the federal and state recognized Native Nations. should look up “American Indian” under the “History” heading.jstor.orgYou can gain full access to this database by logging into your account through GCC Library. Style CitationGrading Rubric: Each area worth 50 points = 250 points.Introduction/ThesisIntro paragraph: identifies topic and provides context/perspective.Thesis statement: demonstrates familiarity with historical context.ContextualizationUse of source material/texts demonstrates understanding of historical context and significance of topic.Use of source material/texts demonstrates the ability to locate and use information to support critical analysis and provide evidence for the thesis statement.AnalysisDemonstration of clear, original, analysis. Paper looks below surface of text to engage with key themes.Organization: the paper is effectively organized to clearly communicate ideas and demonstrate a logical flow of analysis and argument.ConclusionEffectively restates/ties back to thesis statement.Major argument/questions have been effectively answered and proven.Technical writing criteriaSentence structure, grammar: clear, demonstration of attention to detail.Nuts and Bolts: material is properly cited, paper includes reference page, and meets minimum page requirement (5 FULL PAGES).