Submit a case brief on any case that interprets the Fourth Amendment.

The example for this brief can be found on pages 42-44 in the text. You should follow this format in your brief making sure that you include the following; Type of Case, Case Facts, Legal Issue, Holding and Decision, and Rule of Law. The case that you choose to brief is totally up to you as long as it effectively grasps the essence of the assigned amendment. Remember, cases that are made as a result of alleged constitutional violations will be heard in the federal court system including the United States Supreme Court. As you navigate the internet you will find that sites such as (Links to an external site.) and (Links to an external site.) (click find cases for free) will point you in the right direction. Other options for research are also available in the text. I urge you to find a case that sparks your interest. While the outcome of the case must be noted in your brief, it really has no relevance to your assignment beyond that. DO NOT PLAGERIZE! There are many sites available that contain briefs that have already been done in the format I require. Should you copy one of these briefs and turn it in, you will receive a zero on the assignment and may be reported to the Honor Council. Please contact me with any questions.