Summer 2022 Final Paper (30%) You are going to choose a well-known

Summer 2022

Final Paper (30%)

You are going to choose a well-known fictional or real person. You will imagine they have come to you for therapy and come up with at least one reason they have come to see you based on their background and personality. You will demonstrate your knowledge of the material covered in this course by writing a therapeutic case study of this person from two different theoretical perspectives. This case study will include:

Person’s background and presenting issue(s) (i.e., What is/are their problem(s)?),

a conceptualization/explanation of the person’s issue(s) from each theoretical perspective (i.e., Why are they having this/these problem(s)?),

a therapeutic plan from each theoretical perspective (i.e., How are you going to help them?).

Your therapeutic plans (one from each perspective) should make evident your knowledge of theoretically-informed counselling practices (i.e., what a counsellor focuses on or does in a session). You do not need to use references outside of the course material for this project. You need to show that you have knowledge of counselling theories and can apply them to a case from more than one perspective.

Some examples of people you can pick:

Donald Trump

Justin Trudeau

Kanye West

Kylo Ren

Vladimir Putin

John Nash

Carrie Fisher

Taylor Switf

Pete Davidson

Ariana Grande

Charles Darwin

Princess Diana

Vincent van Gogh

Robin Williams

Leonardo DiCaprio

Demi Lovato

Lady Gaga

Peter Parker

Miley Cyrus

Megan Fox

Carrie Mathison

Beth Harmon

Rue Bennett

any of Kardashians

Will Smith

any of the Harry Potter characters

Theories you can pick:

Psychoanalysis or a Psychodynamic therapy (not both)

Behavior Therapy or Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (not both)

Existential Therapy

Person-Centred Therapy

Gestalt Therapy

Adlerian Therapy

REBT or Cognitive Therapy (not both)

Acceptance and Commitment therapy

Narrative Therapy

Solution-Focused Therapy

Feminist Therapy

Indigenous Approach to Therapy

Paper Details

8-10 pages, with 12-point font and 1 inch margins

Your paper should include a brief intro with clear thesis statement, and concluding paragraph. I suggest you use subheadings to divide your paper into the following sections:


Background information

Theory #1

Theory #2

[Note: Although the person you are discussing doesn’t change, the pertinent background details, presenting issue(s), and therapeutic plan will differ depending on the theory you have chosen. As we saw with Alfred and Gloria, therapists working from different approaches will hone in on completely different details. Some emphasize early childhood experiences, others are more focused on present patterns of relating or thinking. Therefore, what information you include in the Theory #1 and #2 sections will vary depending on the approaches you have chosen.]

Conclusion – Summarize the main points from your paper.

Reference page – Cite your sources using APA guidelines.

Marking Scheme

Content (Total of 23 marks)

Introduction and Conclusion (3 marks)

Background Info on Client/Patient (4 marks)

Theory #1 (8 marks)

Theory #2 (8 marks)

Writing Structure (3 marks)

Organized paper structure (Tip: Use subheadings to help with this!)

Paragraph structure and organization: Each paragraph should have a topic sentence and focus on one main idea. A good rule of thumb to follow is that each paragraph should be no more than one page in length. In some cases, a transition statement will be helpful at the end of the paragraph.

Writing Style (3 marks)

Your sentences contain all the necessary components (e.g., subject, verb, and, usually, an object) and are written in a way that makes your ideas easy to follow. I favour straightforward, uncomplicated sentences and language. Unless you are a very skilled writer, don’t be fancy! My pet peeve is writing that is wordy but has little substance. Think about what you want to say and say it clearly and succinctly. Remember, there is no minimum page length.

Your ideas are clearly and succinctly expressed in your own words. In other words, do not plagiarize! The consequences for plagiarism are severe (and determined by the university, not by me). It is better to hand in a partially or poorly completed assignment than a plagiarized piece of work.

Marks will be deducted for spelling and conjugation errors and word choice decisions that either change the meaning of your sentence or interfere with the clear expression of your ideas.

Citations (1 mark)

All of your sources should be cited using APA style (both in text and in your reference page). There are ample resources online that provide guidance for this style of citation. Let me know if you need help figuring this out.