Synthesis Argument on why some people are immune to HIV

Answer in complete sentences, using Academic writing.

Revise and edit responses carefully.

Do not use quotes, statistics, or detailed facts from a single source here; aim for the
big picture.

1. While you don’t have to have a perfectly worded statement, give a tentative thesis
(also can be thought of as the main idea or main argument) you have in mind for your
research paper. In other words, what are you going to argue? Explain how it meets
the four criteria for a strong thesis statement given on slide three.

2. Give three reasons why your thesis is true. Note that “reasons” are not quotes,
statistics, or something an expert said. Another way to think of it is the main support
for the thesis.

3.Explain one view held by experts that goes against your thesis, and explain why
that view is incorrect. For instance, say you’ve taken the stance that texting and
driving should result in suspension of driving privileges for a month. However, some
experts believe that texting and driving should result in jail time. Why are those
experts right