System Engineering

15 line spacing – Max of 3/Min 2 pages for question #1 and only 1 page per question allowed for the remaining questions.
By definition each page must contain a minimum of 250 words, and will be very strict on this requirement; figures and tables can be used, but must comply with 12 point font requirement.
Please place in your header your name and start a new page for each question.
Please use standard margins
If you use any external sources you MUST document your sources. Please DO NOT simply “copy and paste” from external sources, recall SAFE ASSIGN will be used.
Question #1 is a Capstone Question you have minimum 2 pages for your complete answer.
The new USA administration is proposing to spend many billions of dollars in upgrading the infrastructure of the country. (Please find a brief excerpt of this in Attachment 1). Details are said to be forthcoming. The overall Program Manager has been very smart to hire you as the Chief Systems Engineer of BRIDGE reconstruction to create these plans. You have a HUGE job but you also have some very good tools to support you. Please remember in this question you have one foot in the business camp and one in the technical.
* How would you use ISO 15288 in developing your system plan? Specifically which sections of the standard would be most impactful and why? How would you use them?
Use this website to answer the question:…
2.) Question 2 maximum of 2 pages (250 words minimum). It is 17 May 1995 and you have just been hired into the “ROCKET” Company as a new Systems Engineer. You have just been handed the EELV RPF 1995.pdf document which is now stored in the future on Blackboard September 19, 2018. Your manager has asked you to help her with defining the Scope by taking the RFP and identifying by page as may items in the RFP that satisfy each of the bullets in the two presentation slides titled, “Key Points when Developing an SOW” and “Statement of Work Elements”. Use the 2 slides presented on September 19, 2018. (Hint: Create a table that lists each of the bullets shown on the two slides.)