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Answer the questions below in Excel, with one question on a separate spreadsheet.

Use a = 0.05 for all tests.
1. The Bank Call Center data shows the data on 70 former employees at one of the bank’s call centers.
a. Is the average length of service for individuals without a college degree the same as those with a college degree?
1. What are the null and alternative hypotheses?
2. Pick the correct test and calculate the test statistics.
3. Is the alternative hypothesis supported? Why?
b. Are employees’ actual length of service shorter than their planned length of service?
1. What are the null and alternative hypotheses?
2. Pick the correct test and calculate the test statistics.
3. Is the alternative hypothesis supported? Why?
2. Use the Retail Survey data.
a. Are consumers’ gender related to their color preference?
1. What are the null and alternative hypotheses?
2. Pick the correct test and calculate the test statistics.
3. Is the alternative hypothesis supported? Why?
3. Use the Travel Expenses data

a. Compare the travel expenses of the four sales representatives. Are travel expenses of the 3 sales reps different from each other? If there is a difference, how do they differ?
1. What are the null and alternative hypotheses?
2. Pick the correct test and calculate the test statistics.
3. Is the alternative hypothesis supported? Why?

Unit VIII Project – Cumulative

Cumulative Investing ProjectThis cumulative investing project will help you to understand the factors, decisions, and ethics that influence the performance of multinational corporations (MNCs) and foreign stocks in the international financial environment. In this unit, you will continue to work with the stock portfolio that you created in Unit II, consisting of at least three U.S.-based MNCs and two foreign stocks. You have monitored the performance of the portfolio during the course. In this unit, you will attempt to explain why each stock increased or decreased in price and why your portfolio performed well or poorly. Your explanations should offer insight into what is driving the valuations of the companies. For this unit, continue to use the spreadsheet you created in Unit II to track your investment. The Unit II spreadsheet consists of the following data points:
firm name;
ticker symbol;
amount of investment in each stock ($10,000 per stock for a total of $50,000);
price per share at which you purchased the stock;
exchange rate;
percentage change in stock price, which will be updated for a final time in this unit; and
change analysis, which will identify the primary reason for the change in stock price. (This will be updated for the final time in this unit.)
Update the spreadsheet columns with the percentage change in the stock price since your last assignment submission (at an interval of your choosing) and the primary reason for the change in the stock price up to the current date.
In a separate Word document, respond to the prompts below.
Discuss any differences between the capital structures of the firms based in the United States versus those of the foreign companies in your portfolio.
Do any of the companies in your portfolio have bonds issued in a currency different from their home country? Explain the risks involved with this practice.
How are the companies you have chosen for your portfolio affected by trade-related finance services?
Why might the MNCs in your portfolio consider short-term financing from their subsidiaries?
How did your portfolio perform over time? Why do you think your portfolio value increased or decreased during the time you were invested in the stocks? Was it because of the markets where your firms do business or because of firm-specific conditions? Explain in detail.
Submit your spreadsheet and summary. Your summary should be at least two pages in length. Adhere to APA Style when constructing this assignment, and include in-text citations and references for all sources that are used. Please note that no abstract is needed. For your summary, use a minimum of two sources, one of which may be the textbook. Your summary should include a title page, introduction, body, conclusion, and references page.

Organizational Change Chat

Choose an organization such as Samsung, Starbucks, Ford Motor Company, or Waste Management that implemented a major change. For example, a sustainability initiative at Starbucks or Apple making FaceTime available to non-Apple users.
Analyze the organization’s change process based on Kotter’s 8 Steps to Leading Change using the Organizational Change Chart. Make sure to complete a new analysis, do not copy any information from a previous week.
Consider questions such as the following as you complete your analysis:
Do you think this was a positive organizational change? Why or why not?
What strategies and tactics do you think would be effective in creating positive organizational change?
What strategies and tactics might have worked better?

Writing a report about reaility of insurance

Required: Write a report of 10 pages in which he talks about the reality of insurance (maritime, air or civil liability) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the most important problems and obstacles facing the application of this type of insurance in the Kingdom and what is its contribution to achieving the Kingdom’s vision 2030.
Note 1: Choose only one type of insurance mentioned.

Consumer Behavior Writing Question

Please consider the Science of Persuasion (11:50). The link is also posted on Canvas under Week 10 – Watch. Watch the video and identify one principle (out of the 6) you found most interesting and explain how marketers could capitalize on it with your own example/s. Format: 1 page, Times New Roman 12, single space.

Business assig 3

Please do the reading which is attached below and then follow instructions to complete the assignment.
Analyze the arguments over whether the two parties bargained. Did management bargain in good faith with the union over the policy? Did they bargain to impasse? If so, does that give management the right to unilaterally implement its last offer?
Was management required to develop this new policy by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)? Did that trump labor-management considerations? Explain your reasoning.
Using a database (e.g., Bloomberg’s BNA’s Labor

Olympia Question

At Olympia Electrical Manufacturing Company (OEM), a unit of Olympia, you must determine the exemption status and overtime status for Mabel Jones a long-time employee.
1. Read the “Report on Mabel Jones” (Exhibit 1-1) attached below.
Determine what the exemption status is for Mabel Jones. (25 points)
2. Read the “Olympia Guidechart for Fair Labor Standards Act Qualifications for Exemption from Overtime Pay” (Exhibit 1-2) to understand the factors that separate exempt from nonexempt positions.
Determine whether Olympia is required by law to pay Mabel overtime? (25 points)
Document the reasons for the answer. (25 points)
3. Calculate what Mabel Jones salary will be in a week including commission. NOTICE: Be very careful when doing your calculations. You are looking for exact numbers, if it needs to be rounded up or down, show in your answer.

Operational Management Homework

MBA576 Unit 2 Individual AssignmentYou just finished your MBA degree and your boss wants “to show you off” in an upcoming staff meeting because she feels you have a lot of potential. Needless to say, you feel some pressure.She is concerned about the loss form quality issues. In the past if an item failed quality inspection then it was discarded, so she has decided that the failed items that can be fixed will be. Below is the number of failed items per day for the past two weeks that can be fixed.Number of failed items per day that can be fixedWeek 1Sun 28Mon 26Tue 19Wed 21Thr 17Fri 21Sat 35Week 2Sun 30Mon 27Tue 21Wed 18Thr 20Fri 24Sat 33a. Using Excel, create a linear regression equation to model the number of failed items per day. b. Is the regression equation a good predictor of the number of failed items? Explain your answer.c. How many failed items does the regression equation predict for Monday of week 3?d. Suppose a technician can fix 5 units per day. How many technicians are needed to handle the load based on the average number of failed items per day?Use the regression function in the Data Analysis Toolpak in Excel to formulate the regression equation. Also create a scatter plot of the data in Excel.

Week 10 Interactive Activity

week 10 interactivity
Submission Instructions
PurposeTo assess your ability to:Apply legal issues and concepts related to the duty of loyalty to create appropriate solutions in case study scenario.Apply main concepts of Saudi Company law in case study scenario.Saudi Construction Case Study Part 1:Asad and three business associates have decided to start a business: Saudi Construction. They will do work for oil companies in Saudi Arabia at first, but he hopes the firm will grow within two or three years to gain heavy construction contracts throughout the Middle East. Asad wonders whether he should form a corporation, a partnership, or maybe a limited liability company under Saudi Companies Law.Asad believes they will initially need about $10 million in capital to run the business and have sufficient financial reserves to do large-scale projects. After two years, they will need an additional $20 million in capital.Asad will be in charge of business operations. He realizes they need a business plan that will address how to value the corporation in order to raise the necessary capital in two years. It also needs to address how Saudi Construction can legally protect its assets in an industry where lawsuits are a common hazard.Meanwhile, his associates have pressured Asad to kick-start the business by signing a couple of lucrative contracts right away; they tell him he shouldn’t worry about the administrative paperwork. They say that nobody ever looks at the paperwork once a business is formed and it’s no big deal.Action ItemsIn at least a two-page paper, fully respond to the following:Asad has hired you as his business consultant to help him make good decisions. Give him advice on his questions:What are the advantages and disadvantages of forming the business as:a corporation?a partnership?a limited liability company?What is his potential liability as an individual and what can he do to limit his risk?What issues might arise from following his business associates’ advice?What other factors should he take under consideration?In helping Asad with the business plan, explain:How he can value his businessWhat the business can do to reduce its riskHow the owners can limit their liabilityWhat the business should (and should not!) do to protect against lawsuitsWhat factors he must consider on how to raise capitalWhat mix of capital the business should have
Grading Criteria
1 – 0 points