Building a Career

In this assignment, you will compare the major publicly accessible career management websites and test their capabilities.

Founded in 1995, claims to be the largest online job site in the United States. A chief rival is, which pioneered digital recruitment in 1994. Its parent company, Monster Worldwide, Inc., also offers similar services in other countries with local listings. For more variety, feel free to use or in this assignment.  All of these companies earn revenue from fees charged to employers for posting jobs and searching through resumes for qualified candidates, and also from online advertising.

Select any two career management websites to explore and compare your experience.  As you create accounts and explore each site, take note of various features such as the interface and ease of use, resume building, search capability, job offerings, etc. Document your findings in a table format in a Word document.  

In a paragraph below the table, explain which site you prefer and the reasons behind your choice.

Save the file under your name and M2 Written Assignment.  

Submit the saved file to the assignment submission folder.

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Composition and Lit (2)

Read the attached articles have attached as pdfs to this post.

Provide a summary and response to this article that incorporates citations or paraphrases from the article.  Be sure to cite these passages appropriately.  About 1 page should be a summary and about 2 pages should be a response (i.e., your thoughts, impressions, agreements/disagreements).

Composition and Lit (1)

Read “Island Civilization: A Vision for Human Occupancy of Earth in the Fourth Millennium” by Rodrick Frazier Nash.  I have attached a pdf of this article to this post.


Locate one peer-reviewed journal article related to eco-psychology and/or climate change and submit it as a pdf file via email.  Here is a brief video detailing what peer-review means.

Module 1 Journal

In this module, you have been asked to complete the Strengthsfinder Survey. This survey is one of many rigorously tested, well-known personality profile surveys in the market and provides an opportunity for you to consider some of the strengths that you bring to your career next steps.  This survey is one tool to support your process of self-understanding.  It is not exhaustive and does not provide a full picture of who you are.   

Please reflect on your Strengthsfinder results, which detail a number of character strengths that are unique to you. In this journal, please reflect on the following questions:

Were you surprised by the strengths assigned to you? Which strengths seemed particularly accurate?  Which strengths (if any) seem incorrect?

Briefly describe a time at NLU that you may have used one of the strengths assigned to you by the survey.

Are there other strengths identified in the Strengthsfinder 2.0 book that were not assigned to you today that you would have used to describe yourself?  In what way have you demonstrated that strength?


Your journal should be approximately 300-350 words in length and should address each question in the assignment directions.

Please refer to the rubric associated with this assignment for detailed guidance about expectations and grading. 

Please submit this assignment according to the directions on your syllabus.

week 4 ra discussion

Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research
Look through your textbook and examine the various methodological approaches described for different study designs.

Do you see more qualitative or quantitative approaches used?

Why do you think some psychologists are more comfortable with conducting studies using quantitative data instead of qualitative data?

What would be an advantage to using qualitative data along with quantitative data?

Using the South University Online Library find two peer-reviewed articles (one that has used a quantitative approach and one that has used a qualitative approach.) Summarize these two articles.

What methods of data collection were used in these articles?

What makes these methods quantitative or qualitative in nature

week4 research methods

Research Methods
Based on the lectures from this week, answer the following questions regarding your research. For each, explain:

Which methodology (which means approach or methods you will use to conduct your study) are you using?

Why you chose this approach and why it is the most logical, given your research topic?

Data Collection

Discuss the pros and cons of using each method of data collection (e.g., self-reports, observational, or physiological measures). Provide one example of when each would be useful and explain your reasoning. In addition, select a peer reviewed article for each method of data collection (e.g. 3 total), summarize the articles and how each research method was used. Make sure that the example you gave for the second part of the assignment (e.g. about when the research method would be useful) is different from the examples used in the peer reviewed journal articles.

week4 ra.

During Weeks 2 to 6, you will create the Literature Review section of the research proposal.

This week, you will develop the Literature Review section. Use the following guidelines:

Find at least two articles each Week 2 through Week 6 on the selected topic using the South University Online Library databases (EBSCOhost or ProQuest) only. Your textbook, Wikipedia, or any other Web source will not be accepted for this assignment.

Write a short summary (one to two paragraphs) for each article.

Write a brief analysis (one to two paragraphs) for each article and relate each analysis to your course and textbook readings.

For each of the documents provide some insight into to gender/cultural diversity issues that may or may not impact the study being reviewed. 

week4 mid assignment ra

Evaluating Qualitative and Quantitative Studies

Using the South University Online Library, find one qualitative and one quantitative study. Summarize each study using short paragraphs and discuss and evaluate the data collection methods. Make three recommendations to improve each study (a total of six recommendations) and explain why they are logical means of improvement. Based on your summary, evaluation, and explanation of each study, prepare a report in a 3- to 4-page Microsoft Word document.


Eating Habits

You are interested in studying people’s eating habits throughout the day. To do this, you decide to use a questionnaire. Discuss, in a 1-page Microsoft Word document, how you will develop a rapport with participants, any considerations or potential risks you will consider, the environment and context in which the participant will complete the questionnaire, and how you will recruit or select participants. You need to write the questions (minimum of ten) you will use, making sure to pay close attention to the wording you use.

Note: You may not conduct these interviews because you do not have institutional review board (IRB) approval.