How to Write the Best Essay

Ideas for Writing a Perfect Essay




People might choose a career that will not earn them the best jobs to avoid writing essays. Essays and research papers can give the writer substantial pressure. Nevertheless, you must understand that you will have to write essays in high school or university regardless of your course. Essay writing is essential for all students since it shows their mastery of the topic and earns marks. If you want to prepare the best essay, you should know some valuable tricks to follow. Continue reading the paper to see some ideas for writing a perfect essay.



Create a Title


The most valuable step in writing an essay is fully understanding what you will address. Regardless of the quality of the essay you write, you may not earn high marks if you fail to answer the professor’s question. Ensure you know the research you should conduct to get answers for the prompt and the length of the essay you will write. Furthermore, you have to understand if the prompt is requesting your opinions or facts.


Create a Thesis Statement


A thesis statement is a sentence that explains what you intend to discuss in the paper. Ensure you create a brief thesis statement but one that will carry all the primary points you will discuss in the paper. Do not forget your thesis statement when writing the essay to ensure that you stick to the main points.


Make an Outline


Many people make a mistake by writing the paper without coming up with an outline. You should know that your points may not flow properly if you do not have a plan. Considering creating an outline of some of the things you will write on the paper. The right move when making an outline is using your thesis statement as the true north.


Start With the Body, Not the Introduction


Students may not write a quality essay when they start by introducing a paper they have not written. Although the introduction is the first part of the essay, you cannot afford to start with it. Consider writing the body before the introduction to have an idea of the things you will be discussing. After writing the body, you will not have a hard time creating the introduction of your essay.


Use Credible Sources


In-text quotations and references are invaluable when it comes to proving the credibility of your details. The lecturer requires students to use credible sources of data when writing the paper. Ensure you will use things such as scholarly journals, textbooks, NPR articles, peer-reviewed articles, and many others. Consider searching for Google Scholar if you are interested in the best sources of information for your essay.


Conclude the Essay


The conclusion should begin by paraphrasing the thesis statement. You should know that this is the last part of the essay that should show whether you answered the prompt. The conclusion should address the main point raised in the body paragraphs and proof the thesis statement.


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