Eng 2212, American Literature from 1865 to Present

What do you think is real about realism?
Please also give me some specific reasons why Jewett’s “A White Heron” is an example of local color realism. In your response, please be as specific as possible.
p. 556 for the story / p. 405 for definition of realism
For this essay, as with all essays in this class, you are required to write an essay that is
5-7 paragraphs
Includes an Introduction with a clear thesis that foreshadows the main ideas of the body paragraphs
3-5 body paragraphs based on the paragraph plan discussed in the Module, but as a reminder, that format is
main idea
analysis of how main idea and quote from literature fit together
Conclusion, then
MLA Works Cited..and note that in-text citations are required in the essay to connect the reader to where quotes and facts come from.
You are not required to use sources outside the book, and if you cite a version of the story or text other than the book or the link provided in the question, that’s fine–just cite it in MLA format.
For more on MLA citation, link to MLA sample paper to use for citationLinks to an external site.
**note: the key is to mine the quotes, not to cite what other thinkers have said.
So rely on your own ideas–and mine them as you read.
**no non-academic sources are allowed, so no wikipedia or sparknotes or studyrags–avoid those sorts of sources, and, finally, as this is an academic essay, please do not use I–no first person, so

2 questions. (200-250 words each). Link to the book provided

Link to the book: https://archive.org/details/LahiriJhumpaInterprete…
Q1. In “A Real Durwan,” (4TH STORY IN THE BOOK) why do you think Boori Ma lost her job and home at the apartment building? Was she simply a victim of “the changing times” or do you think there are other factors at play? (200-250 words)
Q2. Critically reply to your peer’s response to Question 1, express your thoughts, add to the answer and give reasons as to why you disagree or agree. (200-250 words)
“I believe a major factor in why Boori Ma last her job is because she is the poorest and strangest person who was living in the building. She was deemed crazy with all the things she has been saying. There would be respect for her since she was a very hardworking person, however, the people would accuse her of theft. This is because her responses although may be true, the way it’s worded can have other different interpretations. When she was accused she would say “Believe me, believe me. I did not inform the robbers.” There is also the fact that it’s changing times. In the reading, it said “Boori Ma’s mouth is full of ashes. But that is nothing new. What is new is the face of this building.” This implies Boori ma doesn’t change, however, the building and people within are.”

week 9 writting

Greetings! Here are the instructions for completing the Week 9 Writing Assignment.
After you have a) completed the reading from Sophocles’ Oedipus the King and b) watched the Week 9 Video lecture, please complete the following two tasks (= do both). Because the video lecture is structured around the theories of Freud and then Lévi-Strauss, the tasks are divided accordingly.
(250 words minimum; write in complete sentences)
Freud task
1) Sophocles’ Oedipus the King dramatizes the process of learning (= coming to know) the truth of something that has already happened, for indeed most of the action has already occurred when the play begins, and what action occurs in the play itself is mostly cognitive (= people wrapping their minds around unpalatable truths). Starting perhaps with the video lecture’s discussion of Jocasta, find three characters in Oedipus the King who express a desire (on their part or on someone else’s) to not know. One of these characters can be Jocasta/Iocaste. For each character, include three things: a summary of who the character is; a quote illustrating how they bring up the desire to not know; and a summary of how they are involved in the truth that emerges in the course this play (e.g., for Oedipus, the truth that emerges is the the story of his fate becoming realized, or something like that).
Lévi-Strauss task
2) The anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss elaborated a (not entirely accepted) theory of how myth works through contradictions in life that can be expressed in terms of binary oppositions. Following the example of the story of Squid, Carrot, and the snake monster in the video lecture, write your own short myth that has as its structure two sets of binary oppositions. Start by identifying your two sets of binary oppositions (e.g., life/death; love/indifference). Then, merge your two sets of binary oppositions to get four story elements (e.g., love of life/love of death; indifference to life/indifference to death). Finally, generate a story of your creation (get creative, sky is the limit, etc.) with four episodes: each episode should be an example of one of your four story elements.
reading- file:///Users/alexia/Downloads/Sophocles, Oedipus the King.pdf
video- https://csun.hosted.panopto.com/Panopto/Pages/Embe…

EH 245: Women Literary(Comparison/Contrast Project)

Then, answer the fourth question for one of the three.
Gilbert, Sandra and Susan Gubar, editors. The Norton Anthology of Literature by Women: The Traditions in English. 3rd ed., vol. 2, Early Twentieth Century through Contemporary. Norton, 2007.
Doolittle, Hilda. “Oread.” Gilbert and Gubar pp. 284.
Doolittle, Hilda. “Eurydice.” Gilbert and Gubar pp. 285-289.
Bogan, Louise. “Medusa.” Gilbert and Gubar pp. 505.
Sarton, May. “The Muse as Medusa.” Gilbert and Gubar pp. 643.
Rukeyser, Muriel. “The Birth of Venus.” Gilbert and Gubar pp. 648.
Rukeyser, Muriel. “The Poem as Mask.” Gilbert and Gubar pp. 649.
Rukeyser, Muriel. “Myth.” Gilbert and Gubar pp. 653-654.
Wright, Judith: “Ishtar.” Gilbert and Gubar pp. 724-725.
Beer, Patricia. “Brunhild.” Gilbert and Gubar pp. 884.
Tapahonso, Luci. “Leda and the Cowboy.” Gilbert and Gubar pp. 1393-1394.
Locey, Kathryn. “More Notes on the Poem as Mask.”
Goldensohn, Lorrie. “On ‘The Poem as Mask.’” Modern American Poetry, https://www.modernamericanpoetry.org/criticism/lorrie-goldensohn-poem-mask.
“Botticelli’s Birth of Venus.” ItalianRenaissance.org, 20 Aug. 2012, www.italianrenaissance.org/botticelli-birth-of-venus/
What obstacles for women writers, intellectuals, or artists does she address?
How do her ideas compare to at least one of the other women, even if they are not in direct conversation?
What solutions to the obstacles above does she propose on behalf of women?
Which of these authors/poets do you find the most effective in conveying her message and why? (Pick one.)


Oct 28th, 2022

LIT 305 Litearture Mirgation

Please submit a thoughtful reply on a peer’s post (The paper that I attached down below)
Migration is one of the pressing issues due to its vast complexity and numerous concerns, primarily due to the weak links in the policy reforms. Migrants face multiple barriers like lack of employment opportunities, access to local services, language barriers, and cultural differences; these limitations affect their transition from their former countries. People relocate from their original countries due to circumstances like violence and conflict. Others migrate to foreign countries in search of better opportunities. One of the outstanding issues linked to migration is accessibility to healthcare. As per the World Health Organization, migrants’ healthcare needs may vary among host populations. Besides, this group faces limitations of lack of inclusion in national health programs and poverty. This essay extensively analyses this issue based on various news sources.
Several agencies have raised concerns regarding the need to promote access to healthcare needs. One of the credible articles “Prevalence of multimorbidity in migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and displaced persons and association with mortality: A systematic review protocol” indicates that several elements contribute to the migrants’ poor healthcare (Abrahamsson et al.,). For instance, poor working conditions expose this group to multiple healthcare risks. As per the United Nations News, migrant workers are more likely to experience an occupational injury than their counterparts. Worse still, the migrants have limited access to health services which accelerates poor health outcomes. The news article argues that healthcare facilities across different nations lack adequate statistics regarding migrants’ status variables. This factor limits the establishment of quality initiatives addressing the numerous aspects hindering migrants’ access to healthcare services (Abrahamsson et al.,). The news source initiates the need to establish inclusive healthcare that addresses refugees’ and migrants’ health needs. The efficacy of this approach depends on the extensive utilization of migrants’ data in formulating quality policies.
Additionally, legal status is a critical barrier to accessing healthcare. According to the article“Legal Status of Refugees Main Barrier in Access to Healthcare,” the legal identity of the immigrants and refugees hinder them from accessing essential care in other countries (Kaveri). Besides, additional limitations like healthcare workers’ competency and language barriers heighten the issue’s complexity. For instance, the author affirms that specific cultures prohibit women from discussing sexual and reproductive health with men outside their countries (Kaveri). This news article associates the lack of inclusive policy as the primary contributor to limited access to healthcare services among migrants and refugees. In addition, regardless of multiple countries adopting the universal healthcare policy, the execution of this practice has critical gaps (Kaveri). This element indicates significant weak links in adopting the universal approach, causing migrants to face enormous challenges in accessing healthcare services. Finally, the news source shares multiple insights from the World Health Organization’s views on factors contributing to limited healthcare access among migrants.
Additionally, migrants face multiple healthcare risks creating the need for improved access to healthcare services. According to the article “Refugee Health: The Impact of Displacement”, the migrants are highly likely to experience trauma due to the numerous circumstance they face on relocation to another country (Lang). In addition, most migrants may relocate due to war, natural disasters and discrimination. These factors and harsh traveling conditions create a significant need for access to quality health services. For instance, the migrants may crowd in tents, which increases infection transmission. Nations promoting access to healthcare for refugees also have multiple limitations; for example, these healthcare systems only provide particular aspects like emergency care (Lang). This aspect worsens the healthcare outcomes for this group, causing them to suffer immensely from conditions like chronic illnesses. During the pandemic, multiple individuals contracted COVID due to a lack of access to these services.
In retrospect to the migration issue, the text provides extensive insights regarding the enormous aspects associated with limited access to healthcare for immigrants. The essay deploys three news sources which provide different perspectives regarding the issue. For instance, some sources indicate the legal status as a critical barrier to health services, while others highlight inefficiencies in policy processes. Nevertheless, these authors’ tone suggests the need for immediate responses to address the issue vital in fostering the quality transition of individuals to other countries.
Work Cited
Abrahamsson, Anna, et al. “Prevalence of multimorbidity in migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and displaced persons and association with mortality: A systematic review protocol.” medRxiv (2022).
Kaveri, Megha. “Legal Status of Refugees Main Barrier in Access to Healthcare,” Geneva Solutions, 2022, https://genevasolutions.news/global-health/legal-s… main-barrier-in-access-to-healthcare-says-who.
Lang, Katharine. “Refugee Health: The Impact of Displacement”. Medicalnewstoday.Com, 2022, https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/displace… immigrant-rhetoric-needs-to-stop.

Othello ACT 3 (ONLY) Discussion

Post a one paragraph response with evidence for one of the following questions:
a. What idea about Desdemona does Iago plant in Othello’s mind? How does he convince Othello to believe him?
b. Othello reveals three insecurities in his soliloquy in scene 3. What are they?
I expect for this response to have complete sentences, correct grammar, and no spelling/typing mistakes.
Your posting should be well-written, critical, and thoughtful.I would strongly recommend you to write the response in Word first, review and edit it, and then copy it into the Canvas window.

Othello ACT 2 (ONLY) Discussion

Post a one paragraph response with evidence for one of the following questions:
a. Do you think the Desdemona and Emilia are conventional or unconventional women? Use examples from scene 1 to justify your answer
b. In scene 3, what does Iago advise Cassio to do? How does this advice also help Iago
I expect for this response to have complete sentences, correct grammar, and no spelling/typing mistakes.
Your posting should be well-written, critical, and thoughtful.I would strongly recommend you to write the response in Word first, review and edit it, and then copy it into the Canvas window.

Othello ACT 1 (ONLY) Discussion

Post a one paragraph response with evidence for one of the following questions:
a. What kind of man is Iago? Justify your answer with a quote from scene 1.
b. Is Othello an eloquent or unrefined speaker? Use examples from scene 3 to justify your answer
I expect for this response to have complete sentences, correct grammar, and no spelling/typing mistakes.
Your posting should be well-written, critical, and thoughtful.I would strongly recommend you to write the response in Word first, review and edit it, and then copy it into the Canvas window.

need help drafting a sample research question

hello, i need another essay done by monday at 11;59 pm am wondering if you can do mine again, i got a 80% on the last one but i really want a 100 on this PLEASE SPECIFY THESIS. use the same topic but need the new sources 5 of them to be shcolary sources not any type of online news paper. I attached the instructions, and the proffesors comments opn the last essay this is a different paper so please re read the instructions and follow closely. if i get a 100 i will be tipping 15 dollars. Please re use the same topic from the past essay but need new sources and also please cite to instructions attached. I ATTACHED THE OTHER ERSSAY YOU WROTE FROM ME THIS IS A FOLLOW UP ASISGMNMENT.
Please include a bibliography (Works Cited page) of the sources discussed in this assignment at the end, cited consistently in MLA style. This bibliography does NOT count towards the final page count of the assignment.
“Feedback to Learner10/11/22 11:53 AM
Solid job crafting a proposal that establishes a place for your research and your argument, too. You’ve set up the start of a thoughtful, quality plan for your forthcoming research paper. Your proposal is formal, concise, and structured correctly—it feels like you have a good grip on the shape this project will ultimately take once it’s narrowed down and focused accordingly. However, you’re lacking in specificity (especially in your methods section). Work to elaborate and explain, and always be specific: examples, evidence, etc. There’s lots of good in here, but unfortunately, it’s a bit too general. Good work though! I look forward to seeing this plan come to fruition! And you’ve got the greenlight to move ahead!

Behavior Analysis

The seven dimensions of ABA identified in your course texts and the Baer et al.’s 1968 article, Some Current Dimensions of Applied Behavior Analysis,” are the guiding principles for the field of ABA. As a developing professional, it is important to understand the dimensions because each one is relevant to the work of a behavior analyst.
For this assignment, refer to the following assigned articles this week:
Petscher, E. S.,