Developing CPM

Complete a Competitive Profile Matrix (CPM) using Coke, Pepsi, and Dr. Pepper. You will need to look up information on the internet. Note that when completing a CPM you do not need to include every factor in the template or the book, but only the ones that are significant to that industry. You may actually find there are other factors that are significant than those. Include a brief explanation for each factor of why you think it is significant.
I attached an example from the textbook. Please submit it as a word document.

GEB4505CBE Section 01CBE Organizational Development – System 4 Management

An American Internet Technology company has merged with a Canadian Social Media company. Because of this merger, performance is not as optimum as the executives would have hoped; morale is low, and stress is up. The new company has decided to hire you as an Organizational Development consultant. They have tasked you with finding out the issues and what they should do next to get back on track.
As the Organizational Development consultant, the company has requested you to design a System 4 Management model for the newly merged company. You will need to create and record this as a presentation to be presented to the executives of the company. You can use any Webware/Software of your choosing for the voice recording.
Note: You need to record yourself giving the presentation; you will need your voiceover (audio) with the PowerPoint, Prezi, etc. In your presentation, you will want to address the following areas:
Introduce System 4 Management.
Discuss what a learning organization is, and how it can foster positive change.
Assess some common mistakes or problems that may happen if other management systems are used.
Provide suggestions for best practices their managers can use to incorporate System 4 Management to become a high-performing company.
Conclude your presentation with your recommendations.
Consider using graphics in your presentation that represent the System 4 Management model.


May 19th, 2022

Strategic Value of Employee benefits

Strategic Value of Employee Benefits Programs

To attract, motivate, and retain good workers, companies need to define what an employee wants from the employment relationship. One way to define employee needs is to consider “total rewards,” which are everything an employee perceives to be of value resulting from working for the company. Benefits are a core element of total rewards and the ever-growing package of offerings have evolved. You must now work with the company to define precisely where the various programs will be categorized.
Write a six to seven-page paper in which you do the following:
Identify and discuss from the textbook at least three important factors that almost always should be considered by organizations before providing employee benefits programs. Be sure the response is specific and relevant.
Compare and contrast income protection programs and pay for time not worked programs, both of which are usual elements of benefits programs. How are the programs similar? Are they mandatory?
Research and discuss at least four to five of what may be referred to as “Other Benefits” that you could recommend to the management team as necessary elements for the benefits package. Hint: Flextime and product or service discounts are good examples.
Develop an employee benefits package for any exempt or non-exempt position level of your choosing (indicating which), and making sure you support the selection of your program elements (why chosen over others).Note: The preferred method for presenting your benefits package information is using a table or exhibit, but either approach is not mandatory as long as requirement is met.
Examples: US Bank Benefits at a Glance and UW-Madison New Employee Benefits Summary. A must view: Employee Benefits: Examples of the Most Common Employee Perks |

Use at least four quality academic resources in this assignment.
This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards, APA 6, or APA 7 at the student’s discretion. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
The specific course outcome associated with this assignment is:
Design a strategic employee benefits package for an exempt or non-exempt position.
Note: To prevent using non-quality sources it is HIGHLY recommended to use the sources listed in the course resources section or others from Strayer library. Use of the textbook is required.
From Human Resource Management: Functions, Applications, and Skill Development:

Chapter 13, “Employee Benefits

Business policy . Need 1 page each minimum for every question.

Distinguish between global and      multi-domestic strategies. Under      what industry conditions will      each be appropriate? 

What      are the advantages and disadvantages of vertical integration for a firm?

Explain      why the best-run companies continually evaluate their strategies, rather      than waiting for the end of the quarter or fiscal year to engage in      strategic evaluation activities.

What      types of strategic initiatives can companies adopt to address issues of      environmental sustainability and resilience?

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Carefully review the slides in pages 22 ~ 39 of W7(Period2), and do the followings in Radiant and create a report in a word document

 1. Visualization

◦Obtain scatter plots of Sales vs. Price, and Sales vs. Ads, and explain the relationship from your visual inspection of data

◦Obtain bar plots of Sales by Thanksgiving and Christmas, and explain and interpret the differences

 2. Effects of control variables

◦Regress Sales on Price, then interpret the coefficient

◦Regress Sales on Price, Thanksgiving, then explain how coefficient changes

◦Regress Sales on Price, Thanksgiving, Christmas then explain how coefficient changes

◦Repeat this for Ad Spend instead of Price

 3. Regression analysis

◦Regress Sales on Price, Ad Spend, Thanksgiving, and Christmas

◦Interpret all four coefficients

Module 01 (Human Resource Management )

Why is it important for HR management to transform from being primarily administrative and operational to a more strategic contributor?

Your discussion is to be submitted in 12-point Times New Roman font using APA format.  You must have a minimum of two sources to support your answer.

APA Format, 300 words or more, No plagiarism

week 1 ass

Clinical information systems including the electronic medical records are sometimes characterized by describing their inputs and outputs. To ensure interoperability the use of a controlled vocabulary is necessary so that the data entered into the electronic medical record can be transmitted between health information systems. Read the case study in Chapter 12 on pages 266 of your Health Informatics: A Systems Perspective text and address the following:

Identify the problem that needs to be addressed.

Recommend a solution to the problem. Why do you feel your proposed solution is correct?

Identify and describe the national or international standards would you use as part of your solution.

Explain the importance of interoperability to Carol’s perspective.

EEOC in the Workplace

What is the role of the EEOC in the workplace? 

What forms of discrimination do you think are the most common under the EEOC? Explain your rationale. 

Have you ever experienced discrimination in the workplace, either personally or to someone you know? If yes, describe the experience and the outcome. If no, study current events in your local or national news. Summarize an incident of discrimination in the workplace that would fall under the EEOC including the outcome. 

Week 5 Discussion board

Risks are best handled by developing a risk matrix, which is a plan  for identifying and managing potential risks. Develop and post a risk  matrix for the project you proposed in Week 4 or for the Hard Rock hotel under construction collapses: Buildings around Canal Street site evacuated.  In your risk matrix, state the risk, describe it and what might cause  it, and note the risk of occurrence (probability) as high, medium, or  low. Describe the impact of the risk occurring and discuss how it could  be prevented, mitigated, or recovered from if it happens.

Be sure to respond to at least one of your classmates’ posts

Website link below:  

Hard Rock hotel under construction collapses: Buildings around Canal Street site evacuated

Include key technical elements for your hypothetical e-commerce company’s information systems infrastructure in a 6 page paper Write an executive

Include key technical elements for your hypothetical e-commerce company’s information systems infrastructure in a 6 page paper

Write an executive summary 

Identify the major hardware and software components of your hypothetical e-commerce company’s information systems infrastructure.

Design your e-commerce company’s hardware (database and proxy servers, network equipment) and software (analytics, big data, API, content management) from a size, scale, type, and interoperability standards perspective.

potential security vulnerabilities and a security design for your e-commerce company

Use word to create a data flow diagram (DFD) for your e-commerce company.

Use 3 relevant sources