Identify and Analyze a Consumer Product which is commonly marketed to public

Integrate concepts from various disciplines including research, psychology, and economics. In this assignment you will apply what you have learned by analyzing a consumer product or service in a 2500 word paper.In this analysis you should identify a consumer product or service that is commonly marketed to some segment of the general public. As the starting point in your analysis you should identify the primary target consumer for what you have selected. With that target in mind, research the product or service and analyze it from the perspective of consumer behavior. In your paper address all of the following:
Explain the most relevant primary decision-making forces that influence buyers for the selected product or service
Analyze the decision-making and buying process for the specific product or service
Identify the relevant microeconomic factors affecting consumer behaviors for the product or service
Explain the influence of heuristics and experiential consumption on consumers of the product or service
Connect the key consumer behavior theories that marketers are leveraging to sell the product or service, and
Evaluate the most appropriate methods for developing consumer behavior information for the particular product or service

Online Research Activity

Each assignment is worth 25 points.
Each paper must be formatted to APA guidelines (please review the APA 7th edition manual for compliance).
The writing assignment must consist of a minimum of four pages (two
pages of content), including a cover page and a references page.
A minimum of 5 scholarly references, including the textbook. Do not use Blogs or Wikipedia, etc.
All assignments are due as noted on Canvas. Late submissions will not be accepted.
Assignment #3 – Online Research Activity

MKT Week 4 Activity – Buyer Persona

You will use the same business you selected in the Week 2 activity to create a buyer persona and complete the Week 4 activity.
Section 2: Creating a Buyer Persona
Create a full 2-page paper in which you cover the following:
Create the definition of a buyer persona. This helps to determine a company’s target audience and has value in:
Identifying the person who should receive the company’s message.
Crafting the specific content and appeal of that message.
Determining the timing of that message.
Determining the specific language and tonality of that message.
Choosing the specific device.
Define the target audience using demographic, geographic, psychographic, and behavioral characteristics. You must use all four of these categories to define the target.
Create a buyer persona for the target consumer based on the four demographic categories defined in Step 2. Use your imagination to visualize the person created by your target audience definition and use that to bring this person to life.
Select one of the seven Social Technographics Profiles (see your textbook) specific to social media usage that most closely matches the buyer persona you have developed. Provide a rationale for your response.
Use at least two sources to support your writing. Choose sources that are credible, relevant, and appropriate. Cite each source listed on your source page at least one time within your assignment.
There should be APA format style with in-text citations.
The page length should be 2 pages full.

Discussion Post | Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza: Marketing Research (Chapter 4)
Watch this YouTube video – Domino’s Pizza Turnaround (4:21)
Look at these images taken from a Business Week article (March 20-26, 2018 issue): Domino’s Quote1 Domino’s Quote2 Domino’s Quote3
Read this Forbes 2019 brief article How Domino’s Plans to Continue Dominating the Pizza Market
Answer the following questions:
Explain the role that marketing research played in the creation and launch of Domino’s new pizza.
Are there more effective ways that Domino’s could have gone about its research process?
Why did it take so long for Domino’s to realize that customers didn’t like its pizza?
Follow the guidelines, use course concepts from the text, and at least one outside credible source. Link your response to specific sections of the video, develop your responses, and cite and reference your work.
Peer Post: Reply substantively to earn points to one (1) of your peer’s posts. Further the discussion with your peer and support your discussion with a credible outside source and citation.

MGT201 nteractive activity

Chapter Reading: Read Ch-17 “Retailing and Omni-channel Marketing” from the text book- Dhruv Grewal and Michael Levy (2020) “Marketing” (8th Edition). McGraw-Hill Education.
Video Link: Watch the following video.
Nordstrom Rack: Retail Strategy
Summary of the Video- Since 1973, Nordstrom Rack has been the off-price division of fashion retailer Nordstrom. Nordstrom Rack has been successful in applying the four Ps to its retail strategy. The stores stock high-quality merchandise from well-known designers at discounted prices, creating the “treasure hunt”: the search through ever-changing merchandise for “things they didn’t know they had to have when they walked in.” Nordstrom also sells its products on its website, and on a flash sale site called Hautelook.
10.3 Test your Knowledge (Answer the following Questions):Discussion Question #1: Which benefits of in-store shopping are related to the appeal of the “treasure hunt” discussed in the video?

Social Media Project

Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media have changed the way sports organizations reach their intended audiences. However, the need for sound marketing strategies remains the same. For this assignment, you will make a PowerPoint presentation about how social media has impacted the sports franchise you choose from the provided list
, focusing on only one particular social media platform (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.). Review the grading rubricActions
for this assignment.The presentation should adhere to the following guidelines:
minimum of six (6) slides
quantify your research by showing how the numbers from social media has affected the team in terms of exposure
narration is encouraged but not required
You may want to view the following optional articles to assist you in creating effective and interesting PowerPoint presentations:
Lifehack’s 10 Tips for More Effective PowerPoint PresentationsLinks to an external site.
Garr Reynold’s Top Ten Slide TipsLinks to an external site.
Dustin Wax. (2020). 10 Tips for More Effective PowerPoint Presentations. Lifehack.…
Garr Reynolds. (2020). Top Ten Slide Tips.

Write an analysis of TripAdvisors marketing strategy

Marketing Analysis
Write an analysis of a business or non-profit business’s marketing strategy.
Identify all of their owned assets: podcasts, blogs, newsletters, videos, social media, magazines. Find examples of the type of owned media the brand produces. (FAQs? Reviews? Comparisons? Insights on industry tends? News stories discussed in the context of industry? Q

Case study response

Please read the drop file I am adding, which includes the case study. Read the case study and then find Russia’s institutional risk (such as Government interference, corruption, etc.). Use information from the case study as well as outside resources. Provide sources.

Answer part two only

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Marketing campaign for the catering department.

You work for a company as a digital marketing manager and you’ve been asked to prepare a comprehensive digital marketing campaign

Catering department supply food (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) only to corporate companies such as Aramco, Sabic, SASREF… etc. Now catering department wants to expand catering for individual people such as events and weddings …etc.
Prepare a marketing campaign study and analysis for catering department for companies and individuals.