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Objetivo de la actividad
Que el estudiante desarrolle mayor comprensión e integración de los factores que intervienen en las bases biológicas de la conducta. Que demuestre la capacidad de pensamiento reflexivo y crítico.
¿Qué vamos a hacer?
Escoger uno de los tres artículos a los que puedes acceder en plataforma. Luego prepararás un resumen (NO COPY/PASTE) de un máximo de dos párrafos y luego en los párrafos siguientes escribir sobre porqué escogiste ese artículo y qué aprendiste, relacionándolo al menos con tres temas/conceptos de los estudiados en el módulo.
¿Cómo lo vamos a hacer?
Para realizar esta actividad, es necesario leer el material del capítulo. Luego de hacer lectura del mismo, revisarás los tres artículos y escogerás uno para trabajar la tarea. Con la información recopilada, se procederá a redactar un ensayo. No está permitido copiar directo del artículo “copy/paste”, si no que en base a ésta, se redactará el resumen. Luego contestarás las siguientes preguntas, ¿porqué escogiste ese tema? Y, ¿qué aprendiste del artículo? haciendo referencia a por lo menos tres conceptos o temas de los estudiados en clase.
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La actividad es de carácter individual. El trabajo debe ser entregado a tiempo, sin errores ortográficos ni gramaticales. Los trabajos serán sometidos a la herramienta para detectar similitud de contenidos (ahora Urkund). Entregar las respuestas en un documento de Word, letra Times New Roman, tamaño 12. Debe incluir las referencias en formato APA, de tres años o menos.
Se requiere un mínimo de tres párrafos.
De tener dudas o preguntas debe publicarlas en el Foro Dudas y Preguntas con tiempo para poderles ayudar de forma oportuna.
Valor de la actividad
30 puntos
Disponibilidad de la actividad
La actividad estará disponible para tomarla en cualquier momento de la semana (Lunes a Domingo).

fundamentals of psychology

1. What limitations should be placed on research with incarcerated participants? What are the special ethical concerns with incarcerated populations? Remember to explain and cite educational sources to support your perspective.

2. We often hear people blame stereotypical gender differences in behaviors on testosterone or estrogen levels do you believe that testosterone and estrogen cause differences in behavior based on gender? If so, to what extent are they to blame? Remember to explain and cite educational sources to support your perspective.
total 75 words for number 1 and 2
3. Write a 1 page essay explaining how our sensations, thoughts, feelings, motives, actions, memories, and all other human capacities are associated with nervous system activities and structures; and discuss the types of damage that often affect the nervous system. Proper APA formatting is a requirement. Cite at least three educational sources
500 words
4. What is the role of culture in cognitive development? Compare and contrast how Piaget and Vygotsky address the role of culture. Remember to explain and cite educational sources to support your perspective.
5. Must development precede learning as Piaget believed? Must learning precede development as Vygotsky believed? That is to say, does it matter whether learning or development occurs first? Remember to explain and cite educational sources to support your perspective.
75 words total for # 4 and 5
Write a 1-page essay that addresses the following points:
Describe the mother-child attachment before and after birth Identify the characteristics of fathers who have securely attached infants
Explain how parents can promote secure attachments in their young children
Explain how these early attachments can have a lasting emotional and behavioral impact.
Proper APA formatting is a requirement. Cite at least three educational sources
500 words

Easy Psychology discussion post question week 3

What are some of the differences in processing in the dorsal and ventral visual pathways? Imagine you have a friend who has an injured dorsal or ventral visual pathway, describe what that looks like, what deficits would be in their daily functioning, what remains intact.

Easy Discussion post question for Psychology

Describe three different types of agnosia and compare and contrast these deficits in visual perception. What specific injuries might lead to these deficits? How have the advancements in research and technology in this field changed our approach to possible treatments?
No plagiarizing and must be cited , original work only plz

Women and global sexuality

These weekly discussions will require that you place at least 2 of the assigned materials in conversation with each other and create a dialogue.
The idea of the class is to recognize the contributions of Global Feminist Theories to a generalized interpretation of Feminism. Unlike traditional reading responses that simply summarize the readings, I want to learn how you’re applying the theoretical concepts you are learning about with your own interests and observations of the world. Application of the concepts is stronger than regurgitation, it’s practicing summation and critical thinking skills.
Guiding questions for this week:
What is feminist theorizing?
What role(s), if any, does embodied experience have in feminist theorizing?
What role(s), if any, does the imagination have in feminist theorizing?
Where can we find and/or create theory?

Reflection on Cognitive Behavioral Theory and Therapy

a. Discuss your observations about the foundational principles supporting this theory. Choose one or more of the identified principles and speak about how they do or don’t ‘connect’ or make ‘fit’ for you. (e.g. I appreciate that there are ‘patterns’ – or ways of responding or being in relationship that tend to repeat. I think people can get stuck and need therapy to help them get unstuck)

b. Discuss the theory of psychopathology – why people get sick – reflect and note what you think about that and feel free to disagree (e.g. I don’t believe that all our relationship and other problems can be traced back to childhood experiences as the psychodynamic theorists propose, I think a focus on the future makes more sense than a focus on the past, especially as I think about work with children….)

c Discuss your thoughts about the therapeutic process from this perspective – including discussion of one or more elements of practice described in your text. (e.g. I don’t like the way a psychodynamic therapist ‘interprets’ everything like a complete expert – as if the client doesn’t know anything. As a counselor I hope to trust my clients to be partners as we work to make their life more the way they want it.)
APA format, 1-2 references.

Brain structures and functionings

For this assignment, you are tasked with completing a 6-8-page paper that addresses the major structures of the brain and the influence these have on cognition and learning. By completing this assignment, you will demonstrate (a) an understanding of the major brain structures, (b) fluency in the processes that occur within the brain, leading to the learning of specific behaviors, and (c) the connections of the relationships required between major brain structures and cognitive functions to facilitate the learning process.
In completing the assignment, include the following, ensuring details are provided to fully elucidate the concepts presented:
Select 2-3 learning experiences, describing, in detail, how each experience generally occurs.Examples of learning experiences one might consider are learning to ride a bike, learning a new language, learning to bake a cake, to name a few.

In describing each learning experience, identify at least 4 specific brain structures or functions that contribute to or impede the selected learning processes.
For each identified function or structure, describe and define the structure of the brain and purpose, with detail.Include a diagram, a process model, or provide another visual representation of the brain structures and functions depicting accurate examples of the structural changes that might occur or steps in the process of the learning tasks selected.

As a major purpose of the work is to demonstrate an understanding of the brain structures related to learning processes, close your work with a succinct summary of the major aspects of the topic from the learning experiences you selected.Share your conclusions as a result of completing this project; how is the knowledge you have gained useful to the field of cognitive psychology, the larger field of psychology, and society overall?

Include a minimum of 6 to 7 pages, not including APA formatted required title and reference pages; submit APA style in-text citations throughout the work as well.
The basic parts of a paper should also be included; these are the opening, introduction section, with a precise thesis statement, the body of the paper with clear, discernable headings formatted to APA style levels of heading where appropriate, and a conclusion that restates the thesis and summarizes the major points of the entire paper.

Psychology 2210

Chapter 1 talks a lot about cohorts and their impact on individuals. Does this make sense to you? Was it new information? Can I get two random answers paragraph so I can send it as the discussion responses. The teacher asked for two reply’s to two students.

Psychology 2230

Lots to think about. Write each response as if it were a small paragraph.
CREDIBLE SOURCES – What did you learn from all the assigned reading material about vetting, selecting, and integrating data from professional sources?
What does it mean to make an assertion and defend it? What is the role of sources?Discuss the purpose and importance of asserting and defending your position. You will not find this answer in a dictionary – it will come from everything you’ve been reading and thinking about.
How does the use of credible sources fit into the upcoming career paper?
Thinking ahead to the Career Paper, which careers are you thinking about? Have you started identifying the three careers you might be interested in knowing more about? What are those three and why?
What did you learn from your library assignment?
Identify three of the oldest psychology research journals that psychologists could use. What is your support for selecting these articles? Try to create the most accurate reference list for these articles. What can the librarians do to help you “get it right?”
How does the APA style format influence our communication?
Summarize the topics and what you took away from each video; give an example of each format or style takeaway from the videos.

Parental Leave Policy/Role-Play

Part 1
Assignment Readings
In addition to the Clark, et al. article, review the websites below before beginning this assignment.
InfertilityLinks to an external site.
InfertilityLinks to an external site. Facts from the CDCLinks to an external site.
Infertility: Causes, remedies and optionsLinks to an external site.
Role-Play ScenarioIn a Word document, write a script to develop the following role-play scenario:
Imagine that you must counsel an individual or couple who is interested in exploring fertility options. Include the following in your role-play scenario:
Who is the individual/couple (i.e. single, married, domestic partners, friends?; age; income; support system; career; educational level, etc.)?
What is the presenting issue/problem/concern?
What types of solutions is the individual/couple looking for?
When are they thinking about starting a family? Previous attempts/procedures in relation to fertility planning?
Why are they seeking your professional opinion?
Include your response to their questions/ideas. What medical and ethical risks/questions would you raise?
Due bySunday of Week 1 at 11:59 pm
Part 2
You are working with your company’s HR department to put together a parental leave policy for your employees. The HR department has asked you to make some suggestions as to what to include in the policy.TaskResearch parental leave policies in the United States and abroad. Make at least 6 suggestions for your HR department to consider when putting together their parental leave policy. Be sure to include suggestions for pay, paternity leave, length, and qualifications. For each suggestion, be sure to provide a rationale, including references, for why that suggestion is being made. In your suggestions, consider the effects of parental leave on children as well as parents and society.
Resources for your Blog
The Ideal Parental Leave PolicyLinks to an external site.
That Fantastic Parental Leave Policy Sweeping America? It Isn’tLinks to an external site.
Why Parental Leave Policies are ChangingLinks to an external site.
Daddy Track: The Case for Paternity LeaveLinks to an external site.
Ted Talk: The US Needs Paid Family LeaveLinks to an external site.
Due bySunday of Week 1 at 11:59 pm
Requirements: 1 Full Page Each Part Times New Roman Size 12 Font Double-Spaced APA Format Excluding the Title and Reference Pages
Please be sure to carefully follow the instructions
No plagiarism