Sociology; Final ex

In words, paragraph format, and in at least five thoughtful, meaningful, and grammatically correct sentences, explain which one key term or theory throughout the semester contributed most to your own learning. Please be specific in your explanation. Writing that many key terms or theories contributed to your learning or that there were many to choose from – these types of general sentences will not contribute to the five meaningful sentence requirements.
In your own words, paragraph format, and in at least five thoughtful, meaningful, and grammatically correct sentences, explain which assignment was the most meaningful in your understanding of the aging process and culture in American society.
In your own words, paragraph format, and in at least five thoughtful, meaningful, and grammatically correct sentences, explain which study technique or behavior you engaged in throughout the semester that contributed to your success in this class.
In your own words, paragraph format, and in at least five thoughtful, meaningful, and grammatically correct sentences, explain how you will use some of the information and knowledge gained in this class in your life HERE IS THE LINK TO THE BOOK FOR THE TERMS Also use this links for all the questions being asked, those were the links throughout the term, first one is… and…

HMSV5316 Model Building

In data analytics, model building refers to assembling the needed data and analyzing it to address your identified problem. For this second course project assignment, you will complete one statistical analysis for your quantitative data and one content analysis for your qualitative data from the previous project assignment.
Statistical and Content Analyses
Work on developing the following analyses based on the data from your previous project assignment.
Statistical analysis:Identify the specific analysis type (such as an independent samples t test, paired sample t test, or one-way ANOVA) and explain why it is appropriate.
Assume that you have a sufficient sample size for your analysis (normally, you would need to conduct a power analysis to ensure this).
Conduct the analysis in Microsoft Excel or comparable software. Note: If you use software other than Excel, make sure the files that the program generates can be read in the courseroom (PDF, JPEG, XLS, and PNG formats should be acceptable).
Present the results and explain if they are statistically significant or not.

Content analysis:Explain the purpose of content analysis.
Identify the qualitative data that you are analyzing and present the analysis.
Identify at least one theme from your data, present quotes from the transcripts as examples, and explain the theme and how it helps you better understand the experiences of the teens.

Once you have completed your group analyses, prepare this assignment individually.
While most of this assignment should be written in paragraph format, it is appropriate to present some information (such as the results of the analyses) in tables. You should also present exploratory analyses and descriptive data (for example, a description of the group included in your analysis by race, gender, etcetera) in visual formats such as charts, graphs, and tables.
This paper should include the following sections:
Identification of the Problem: This should just be a brief recap from the first assignment.
Quantitative Analyses:Identify the data and variable type (continuous or categorical).
Identify the specific type of statistical analysis.
Present your results.
Present the significance testing.
Discuss possible implications of these findings.

Qualitative Analyses:Identify the data.
Present the results of your content analysis.Identify theme(s).
Provide illustrative quotations for the theme(s).

Discuss possible implications of these findings.

This assignment should be 3–5 pages long. It should be written in narrative format with tables, charts, graphs, and so forth included as well. Writing should be well organized, free of mechanical errors (in grammar and punctuation), and in correct APA format.
Examine the assignment scoring guide to be sure you have addressed all of the evaluation criteria.
Submit your assignment in the assignment area.
Model Building Scoring Guide.
APA Style and Format.

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For this paper, you will be going back to our original conversation at the start of class this semester and analyzing the current political climate like a sociologist. Consider the issues around Republican/Democrat, Liberal/Conservative divides and how these divides are created and reinforced and use this to explain how the COVID-19 virus and vaccine went from a health issue to a political issue.
Recall some key ideas:
Symbolic Interactionism
Tribalism-This is a psych term and may help
Labelling theory
Minumum 3 pages 1.5 spaced. 12 pt font.
*Note, if you wish to not do this, this will mark the assignment as “missing” but will not negatively affect your grade.

Individual Letter or online petition about human trafficking

One challenge for sociologists is to translate their knowledge of conditions producing social issues into concrete measures to improve them. In this assignment, you will work to gather online sources that provide data and propose policies to address a specific social issue.In this case human trafficking. Then,you will compose a letter or an online petition to send to local, state, and/or national representatives in support of a particular policy or approach. Through this assignment you will sharpen your sociological imagination and, by applying it, you will put into practice sociology’s principle that the personal is political. 

Drawing on the resources you collected, you will write a letter individually to a state or local representative (US Senator, US Representative, Governor, County Commissioner, City Mayor, etc.) or create an online petition (for, for example) to advocate for your viewpoint on the issue. You must describe the issue briefly. You must also take a position on the issue, supporting your position by referencing some form of data or research. This could involve supporting a specific policy change or increasing or decreasing funding for a particular program. Your letter or online petition must be grammatically correct and proofread. Your letter must include the name and address of a state or local representative. Your letter must be at least 300 words long (it is best to be concise, but still strong). 

500 words assignment

PhotoVoice is a research method in which researchers and community members co-produce knowledge. After watching the following film, respond to the following prompt:

Press Release: Imagine that you are the publicist in charge of writing the press release for one of the films. What can you tell the public about the film, PhotoVoice as a research method, and the topics discussed? Since it is a press release, be sure to convince the public that they must watch the film you are promoting.

Present and study Network

In the 1st summative assessment, you built your own network. In this second assessment, you will continue using

your network from assessment 1. You may build a new network for this exercise too (bearing in mind that this may

require extra work for you). If you decide to build a new network, adhere to the constraints given in assessment 1

on how your network should look like (e.g. the network should have at least 10 nodes, the network should be

original etc.) Consult Assessment 1 on Moodle for the requirements for your network. Note that you may need to

ignore weights, directions, or signs of edges for some of the algorithms you’ll use below. If this turns out to be the

case, mention briefly that the algorithm you use ignores (or you choose to ignore) some characteristics of the edges.

Some algorithms you’ll use below may fail to converge. If this happens, report the case, modify the algorithm, the

statistical model, of your network until you get a solution.

You will write 1,500 words report. Your report should discuss the items given below. Structure your report in four

parts corresponding to the four groups of items below. Each section is equally weighted in the final grade.

A: assortativity and communities

First describe briefly your network (i.e. what are nodes and edges) and how you constructed the network (i.e. how

you collected the data). Also provide a plot of your network. The purpose is to remind us your network. If you

chose to build a new network for this assessment, you will need give more details here.

As I have previously attempted this assignment with 8% plagiarism in Turnitin, however, plagiarism was still being spotted. I will attach the report and my work as a reference. Please be aware and don’t make the same mistake, if there are any course materials that the writer would like to access, feel free to let me know.

Observe two people in a conversation from a distance – you should not be able to hear what they’re saying.

Observe two people in a conversation from a distance – you should not be able to hear what they’re saying. Make sure you are in a public place and the people you are watching do not know you are observing them. Watch the two individuals as they converse or interact for about five to ten minutes and make note of their artifactual communication, kinesics (gestures, body movements and posture), affect display — facial expressions/emotional expressions, eye movements, proxemic (distance), and haptics – touch communication (or lack of it). From your observations write a short two page – about 600 words — descriptive essay about the nonverbal communication and the nature of the relationship that you observe. The essay must have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Explain your choices. Be sure to integrate and underline at least five book terms from the chapter on nonverbal communication – use some of the terms I underlined in this paragraph – 10 points will automatically be deducted if the book terms are not incorporated into the essay – not listed, but actually used correctly to describe part of the observation.

The following questions should be answered within your essay:

1. What is the communication context? Describe the location, time of day, clothes each is wearing, gender of each, estimated age of each person, and any other relevant information to set up the observation.

2. What does the nonverbal communication of the individuals reveal to you? Give examples.

3. What is the relationship between the two people? What makes you think so?

4. Is there a more dominant member of the pair? What makes you think so?

5. What is the emotional state of the two persons? Why do you think so?

6. What have you learned as a result of this assignment? Is this useful?

7. Should have a general introductory paragraph before describing conversation and at the end, a separate conclusion paragraph that wraps up whole essay

The following are NOT ‘book terms:

Eye Contact​​​Eye Movements​​Nonverbal Communication

Facial Expressions​​Dominance​​​Submissive

Appearance​​​Body Language​​Posture


Sociology goals

Paragraph 2-4: Next, you will choose THREE main concepts that you feel best describes the goals of sociology. Some examples could be social forces, culture, power, social structure, inequality/stratification or the sociological imagination. You may choose other main theories and/or ideas. In a separate paragraph for each chosen concepts, you will need to describe your three chosen concepts and provide analysis as to why they are essential to the discipline. If you need more paragraphs for each concept that is fine, but you should have a minimum of 3 topical paragraphs.Make sure you reference your text and/or lecture to support your theories and claims within the paper: proper citations are a must!Paragraph 5: You will need a nice conclusion paragraph to wrap things up.Other requirements:If you are using terms or concepts from the lecture or text make sure you provide proper citations (preferably ASA but APA is acceptable) Have a works cited or bibliographyAll essays must be typed, double spaced, and 12 pt font.

You will need to integrate additional terms, concepts, data, and theories to explain your chosen concepts.

All use of concepts, terms and definitions should be underlined or in bold.

DO NOT underline entire sentences.

Papers should be 3-4 pages in length

Note: You may write in the first person for this assignment (“I”).