How Do You Conduct a Windshield Survey?

How to Conduct a Windshield Survey Assignment


Windshield surveys are observations that someone can conduct by driving around the community of interest. A windshield survey will allow the surveyor to understand the community’s general and specific conditions that affect them. The windshield survey will be invaluable when the area of interest is large, and the things you intend to see can be observed from the road. Nurses may need to conduct a windshield survey to identify the needs of the community they intend to serve and their poverty levels. The nurse will be in a position to conduct a community assessment after conducting the windshield survey. Read on to know how to conduct a windshield survey assignment.


  1. Know The Questions You Wish The Survey To Answer


Consider writing down some of the questions you intend to answer using the survey. The questions should be set in such a way that they can give basic and detailed information about the community. For example, you can have a question like “What is the nature of the community” in your windshield survey. Correct is the details that can answer that question if you want to have the best survey. Contact us if you want help in preparing the survey questions.


  1. Determine The Areas You Should Include In The Survey


At times, you may be working in a large city, but you are interested in a small section. Decide the areas you should survey based on their ability to reflect the aspects of the whole community. Moreover, you should ensure that you will pick locations that best relate to the task you intend to perform.


  1. Figure Out When You Will Conduct The Survey


You must understand that every day when it comes to performing a windshield survey. For example, you can conduct your survey during weekdays and realize that most people are not on the streets. Make your choices wisely when deciding the right time to conduct the windshield survey to get a clear picture of the community. Consider repeating the survey more than once to know how the community of interest behaves at different times.


  1. Train The Individuals Who Will Accompany You In The Survey


Going for the survey with people who have the required training will give you the courage to get the right results. Trained individuals will reduce the margin for error while conducting the survey. In training, focus on things like:

  • Try to be unobtrusive.
  • Carry identification.
  • If you have a team, assign some roles.
  • Discuss your findings during the windshield survey.
  • Use a checklist to ensure that you do not fail to address any of your questions.
  • Pay attention to safety.




In a nutshell, a windshield survey is invaluable in nursing because it offers some information about the community of interest. A nurse will have the chance to identify the needs of the population they intend to serve after conducting a windshield survey. Proper planning is key to performing the best windshield survey. Click here to read more details about a windshield survey assignment.