writing feature stories

( interview 3 people that might be reference in this feature story, the intervieww is like the developed or expand the referencing stentces. Write more deatils.)At the top of the page, write the name and website of the publication that you think is a good match for your feature. Remember (as stated in the pitch assignment) that the publication needs to be English-language and cater either for a broad, international readership or an Australian readership. Include a headline and a standfirst. Feature story words: You may exceed the 2000-word limit by a maximum of 10%. Include a word count at the end of the feature. Follow the Guide to Attribution in Journalism on pages 7-10 of the MECO Style Guide. You should have 3 interviewees for this feature. Remember that all interviewees must sign an interview release form. You need to submit the signed forms with your assignment. This is a university ethics requirement. You also need to record your interviews (using the Zoom record function or a recording app on your phone, such as Voice Memo, for example) and submit the .mp3 audio files with your assignment. Use the interviewee’s name as the file name. This is an academic integrity requirement adopted by some MECO units. Finally, embed two relevant copyright-free visuals (photos, tables, graphs, etc) into the feature document. These can be visuals you’ve created or you can source them from copyright-free stock photo sites like pexels, pixabay or unsplash (Links to an external site.). For each, include a caption that indicates the image source. See the rubric below for further detail on how the feature will be assessed. Writers of the most effective features will be invited to publish their work on Salience.

Examine Mubarak’s policy towards Najd 1900-1915.

Write your argument in no more than 2-3 paragraphs.  For example, “This paper argues that… “, “The main claim of this essay is… ” or “The thesis statement in this essay is… ” The argument is your main claim or opinion based on your research. Please read social science journal ABSTRACTS to see how arguments, main claim or thesis statements are written. ESSAY DRAFT COMMENT (FEEDBACK):”  This paper argues that Sheikh Mubarak was a strategic leader who could defeat his enemies and do away with the continuous threat to Kuwait.”Please make sure the body of the essay contains evidence to support the above claim.(Al-Saif,2021), not proper citation. (author surname page number) e.g. (Al-Saif 67).NOTE:I have uploaded  my previous draft for you to use as guidance, because the above comment was about what my essay draft lacked. So, you can use the draft as guidance.

Online Identity theft

Summarize the facts of each case, including the following:How the thief obtained the victim’s information.What the thief did with the information.The impact to the victim.Recommend at least three methods for each case that the victim could have used to prevent the theft.Critique the tracking methods used to investigate internet identity thefts.Be sure to cite your references.Length of paper should be 3–5 pages, excluding your title and reference pages.

Music Notation

If need clarification:For your written responsesCollect your thoughts on these questions–What is notation good at recording? What might it miss?–in a paragraph of at least 5-6 sentences. You are welcome to answer the question with respect to the “Ave Maria” examples, or more generally.For your written responsesWhat were your impressions of the four listening excerpts? What mood does each example seem to create for you? How would you compare and contrast these pieces? What are the distinguishing characteristics of each? Write at least a few sentences for each of the four examples.

Discussion Essay Questions

Every question should be answered thoroughly and thoughtfully. No plagiarism and only use credible, reliable sources. No Wiki, Investopedia, etc. Cite court cases, court rulings and scholarly journals as well! Using the required academic readings and supplemental academic research, you will address the questions in the Discussion Board while adhering to the Discussion Board Rubric.Discussion Questions:In tort law what is the difference between proximate cause and the actual cause? What is the effect of an intervening cause? Is it reasonable to think that a company should be held to a strict liability standard for any product that they produce? What would be the effect? What about products that cannot be made safer or where a person bypasses safety measures? How does the UCC treat strict product liability?