Talent Acquisition Specialist – Hiring Exercise Overview You are interested in interviewing

Talent Acquisition Specialist – Hiring Exercise


You are interested in interviewing for the Talent Acquisition Specialist position on the People & Culture team at United Way. One of our values at United Way is fostering a culture and climate where we place our people first. This involves the communities we serve, customers, children, and the staff at United Way. Attracting, recruiting, and onboarding staff are the core components of the Talent Acquisition Specialist role. Those who are interested in joining our People & Culture department must be innovative, produce effective and creative results, while providing quality customer service to our candidates and internal hiring managers.

Recruitment Plan – Hiring Exercise

You have recently accepted a HR Recruitment Specialist role with United Way. Your first assignment is assisting with a new public school opening in the Metro Detroit area next summer. Your first project in your new role is to create and design a recruitment plan to ensure the school is fully staffed prior to its opening. Your supervisor, the Employee Success Manager at United Way, has shared with you that the public school has a partnership with Wayne State University and Schoolcraft College. Both institutions have agreed to assist you in finding talent to fill 75 roles containing teaching, support staff, administration, and security positions. The principal of the school is prepared to open on August 27, 2022, however, would like to be fully staffed by June 1, 2022. During the interim of the opening, professional development and training will be given to all staff.


The Employee Success Manager has requested that you create a Recruitment Plan that outlines the recruitment, selection, onboarding, and training for the staff. Please provide a memo and a PowerPoint Presentation that will address the following criteria:

• Outlines your plan to recruit, train, and onboard staff

• Using key dates and tasks to track your progress

• Technology and programs that you will use to track your data

• Ways to attract the community and job seekers to the school opening

• Addressing any challenges or roadblocks that may surface with your plan

Exercise Norms

Use your time wisely. Use your knowledge and experience working in current or past recruitment positions to detail and showcase your recommendations for this project (approx. 3 years of experience). Be Creative & Have Fun! This exercise is designed to highlight your strengths and knowledge working in the recruitment sphere. This exercise will display how you approach complex problems and develop creative solutions. Rather than focusing on what we want, spend time showcasing your idea and why we should learn more about it.