Talented content writer for job guides (Brazil Portuguese)

The task is typically a 7 step guide on how to apply at a given company and given “empleo, convocatoria or becas” position. It’s extremely important that the content is easily understandable, and interesting to read by using e.g. sub headlines, bullet points, images, etc., where needed.Typical steps:1) Introduction to the job guide what steps will we go through list of typical jobs available for the given company.2) Examples on job positions and requirements.3) Benefits at the company salaries for these job positions.4) Company culture and more about the company 5) What is the typical interviewing process?6) What documents are required in order to apply?7) Guide on how to apply on the company’s website, telephone, email etc.You can see an example in Spanish under www.apoyoalempleo.com/plaza-vea/