Tattoo as an Artform analysis

In this Discussion, you will select a specific image of a tattoo, then post a 500-750 word analysis in which you explain the primary purpose or function represented in the tattoo. You will base your analysis on the concepts from the reading and videos, as well as your own ideas and insights.
Outline – Start with an outline and organize your analysis into separate topical paragraphs that begin with topic sentences (see below). It may be helpful to use headings.
First Paragraph – In your first paragraph, introduce and describe the tattoo you chose and clearly state the primary purpose or function represented in the tattoo. You will explain more in the subsequent paragraphs.
Subsequent Paragraphs – Support your choice of purpose or function in each of the subsequent paragraphs. Use reasoning that demonstrates a clear understanding of key concepts from the reading and videos.
Topic Sentences – At the beginning of each of the subsequent paragraphs, write a concise topic sentence that clearly states the key point you plan to make in that paragraph. This approach will make it easier for your reader follow your key points and how they support your choice of purpose or function.
Stay focused on the tattoo you are writing about and don’t wander off-topic. Support your key points with clear descriptions and observations of the image you selected.

Step One – Search for an Image
First, you must search online for a clear image of an actual tattoo. You will post this image in Step Two and use it as the basis for your discussion. If you like, you may share images of your own tattoos. In either case, please only select images that are appropriate within the standards of this institution – NO nudity or anything too graphic, and please post images that are clear and easy to discern. High resolution images are preferred.
Helpful tip: Think out of the box. As you search for an image, don’t limit yourself to only traditional tattoos. There are so many complex, original and beautiful contemporary tattoos, out there. Select a design that is really interesting to you.

Step 2: Post in the class discussion
Next, in 500-750 words, explain how the tattoo you chose is an example of one of the Purposes and Functions listed below.
Art as Commentary
Art in Worship and Ritual
Art for Commemoration
Art for Persuasion
Art as Self-Expression (unique and autobiographical)
Please note that the tattoo might be an example of a few different purposes and functions. However, you must select only one purpose or function, the one that best applies to the tattoo you chose, then cogently explain and justify your choice based on concepts from the reading and videos. Please note that because of the personal nature of tattooing one’s body, all tattoos might be viewed as Art as Self-Expression. As such, please do not write about the tattoo as Art as Self-Expression unless the tattoo truly expresses something unique and autobiographical about the person wearing the tattoo.

Helpful tip: Before you write your post, take some time to apply what you know about each of the purposes and functions to the tattoo you chose. Write down the characteristics that would qualify the tattoo as being Art as Commentary, Art for Worship and Ritual, Art for Commemoration, etc. Do this for each purpose and function listed below. This process will help you identify the purpose and function that best applies to the tattoo you chose.
Rubric attached below