TCP/IP Discussion Board Question.

There are various discussions, and research being conducted to come up with an alternative to TCP/IP. In the Main Module Section of your class schedule, ModullesPublished Articles, Witepapers, and Scholarly Articles, you will find an article “Why is TCP/IP on the way out?”
The instructions are as follows: Read Opinion Article — Why is TCP/IP on the way out?
After reading the above referenced article, each student must Identify 4 published articles on if TCP/IP should be replaced and why and cite them in the thread you are to write.
After you have read the four articles which you have cited, generate a thread on replacing TCP/IP based on the articles you have read.
You must first generate a thread before you can respond to your classmates thread.
You are to respond to three (3) classmates threads each, in order to receive a grade.
You cannot cite the article referenced for you to read in these instructions or use the same cite more than once (No Duplicate Cites) in responding to classmates threads.The article is below.