Teaching Adult Learners

Teaching Adult Learners/Clinicians Discussion Forum
When thinking about educating practicing clinicians, you’re not only thinking about teaching an adult learner, but also someone who likely is already slightly familiar with the topic/material you’re discussing. Therefore, it’s important to have some background understanding of the theoretical best approaches to teaching this subset of learner.
Understand potential differences between traditional adult learner and clinical adult learners
Identify tips and pearls to make your presentations more relevant to the clinical learner
Evaluate the literature to determine if there is consensus on best practice on delivery of CME (continuing medical Education)
Prepare an initial post as it relates to the above stated assignment objectives. Thoroughly address and integrate discussion of all objectives into your post.Research will be required for this activity, be sure to cite your sources for full credit

Engage in a discussion with multiple (2 or more) colleagues. Provide additional insights into your responses to the posts of colleagues as it relates to the assignment objectives that further demonstrate your mastery and understanding of the concepts. This may require additional research. If so, cite your sources.
I have included a copy of two colleagues response for you to read and get some idea about the assignment and the response to two person. You can include your response to these 2 posts as well.