Team Advisory Report

One of the biggest challenges for the leadership boards of traditional luxury hotel groups in the coming decade will be their ability to engage both their existing older customers and the next generation of travellers from Gen Z. Most Gen Z travellers consider traditional luxury hotels as non-innovative, unattractive, old-fashioned establishments.You are a team of leadership board advisors for your client, a luxury hotel group (your team has been assigned).Over the past year, the hotel group has had difficulties in both dealing with the ongoing economic and geopolitical crisis, and keeping up with changing traveller expectations as the hotel and travel industry struggles to understand how to attract and engage with Gen Z travellers as well as continuing to attract Gen X, Baby Boomers and Millennials with very different expectations. Competitors are taking steps to solidify their position with the new generation, so your team has been tasked with discussing, debating, critically evaluating ideas and collaborating towards generating possible options for your client to consider in order for them to target the Gen Z of travellers whilst still continuing to attract Gen X, Baby Boomers and Millennials – a difficult balancing act!Your team’s task is to identify changes your client can make in order to balance both staying relevant to their core customers in Gen X, Baby Boomers and Millennials AND attract the new emerging big spenders amongst Gen Zs. Whilst it’s a tricky balancing act, it is critical for their survival.Your team’s task is to select one specific hotel from the group you have been assigned – as a ‘test case’ for your recommendations. All these hotel groups have at least one luxury hotel you can visit in London.Your team’s recommendations to your client will need to address the following points:What has been at the heart of your client’s success so far and how can it be enhanced going forward?What are the internal and external challenges the client faces – both in the short-term, and in the medium to long term, and how can they address these in relation to their core customer base as well as the emerging Gen Z needs? How could they remain agile, fast moving and ahead of the curve and their competitors?What steps would the leadership board need to take to implement your proposed changes? What would the company need to have in place internally to accommodate these changes? What are the expected potential benefits and obstacles of your suggested changes and how could these be overcome?
Your team will be submitting a written report on your final recommendations to the board of your chosen hotel.You can submit interviews / surveys / information you collected related to your assignment in the appendix – the documents in the appendix do not count towards the final word count. You are being given 5* hotel groups to use as your ‘client’ below, you must select one specific hotel from the group as your ‘test case’ for your recommendations.For your analysis and your report, you will need to gather further information that you can assimilate and analyse from:a multitude of formal academic articles that explore issues pertinent, either directly, or indirectly to international hotels, travel, generational changes and behavioural differences.websites have been provided as a starting point and attached to this brief are some other links to get you started.secondary sources such as The Financial Times, The Economist and The Wall Street Journal.Guidance on Report:Report to submit on MyCourses:• You will be assessed on (a) the depth of insight (b) justification of your recommendation and (c) feasibility of your recommendations.• You will need to submit a written report of your findings and recommendations for your client (2,000 words ( /- 10%) plus appendices.)• The report must include any supporting evidence you use for your analysis. All your recommendations must be properly justified.List of Teams and the hotel groups you will be advising:Team NumberHotel Group1