Team Assignment – Financial Statement Analysis and Comparison

I already attached the excel template and the reports for this assignment. The one with the name Laide is where you ll record my answers under the excel template. Please make sure you record the answer under the right name. Also please include topic heading for each questions under the word section before answering each of them. Thanks
Purpose of Assignment
The activity requires students to perform research and analysis on competing companies and the potential implications of international standards. This real-world analysis is key to understanding how a company’s profitability, liquidity, and solvency can be useful for all users. Students also learn to analyze financial statements and use managerial tools to make decisions from an investor’s and creditor’s standpoint.
Assignment Steps
Resources: Apple, Inc. and Samsung, Inc. Annual Reports provided (see links at right).
Review the two companies Annual Reports.
Prepare an analysis in Excel that consists of the following:
Compute for 2016 and 2015 the:
Profit margin.
Asset turnover.
Return on assets.
Return on common stockholders’ equity.
Earnings per share.
Write a detailed analysis in Word that consisting of the following:
Evaluate the financial state of each company. How do they compare.
How would you evaluate each company’s profitability?
Research and discuss global implications for the companies selected. How might changing global factors affect these businesses and their financials?
Companies such as Apple and Samsung often encounter ethical problems that affect their business. Apple, Inc. has been in the news in recent years regarding it’s treatment of overseas workers. Samsung has been in the news in recent years over it’s exploding phone batteries. Discuss these ethical situations and what impact they may or may not have on the financial statements. What should companies do to protect themselves and their financial position in these situations?
Your paper should include at least 3 credible references (one of which must be your textbook).Format the written portion of your assignment consistent with APA guidelines