Team Contract Template Complete Parts 1 – 3 of this template with

Team Contract Template

Complete Parts 1 – 3 of this template with your team. Submit this before the end of Week 2.

Part I: Group Name

This will be established to help distinguish you from the other groups.

Our group name will be:

Part II: Team Member Information

Team Member


Special Notes about Availability

Part II: Team Member Expectations

As a team, answer the following questions:

How will we make decisions?

How will we make sure everyone is contributing equally?

How will we handle disagreements?

If any of these expectations are violated during this course, the following steps should be taken:

Step 1: Tell the individual of the behavior you have observed that does not meet expectations listed above. Offer a suggestion to change. (i.e. I notice that you were very late for our meeting today. Please be sure to be on time for our meetings in the future.)

Step 2: Notify the instructor of the team member’s response.

If the team member responds positively, and fulfills expectations in subsequent meetings or tasks, notify the instructor by email.

If the team member responds negatively, notify the instructor by email. The instructor may choose to intervene or ask you more questions.

Part III: Team Communication

How will we collaborate synchronously?

(Possible options: Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, Whats App, Conference Call)

How will we collaborate asynchronously?

(Possible options: email, chat, Canvas group collaboration area.)

Note: If you disagree with any part of this contract, or feel that your thoughts and ideas were not fairly represented in this exercise, contact your instructor immediately. Otherwise, submission of this document assumes all members are in compliance.