Teching About Levoflaxacin Patricia Z Babirye Rasmussen College Pharmacology clinicals 05132022 List

Teching About Levoflaxacin

Patricia Z Babirye

Rasmussen College

Pharmacology clinicals


List one goal for this teaching plan

J.H. is encouraged to take her drugs in a safe manner and to be prepared for any potential side effects.

Describe two to three teaching resources that might be used

Using teach-back and self-appraisal as well as online instruction with this customer might be beneficial. Tell us what you think you should know or do about your health in your own words during teach-back. It’s a strategy to ensure that your patients comprehend what you’re saying. There are several ways to conduct a self-appraisal, such as by filling out a questionnaire or writing an open-ended diary entry. You may also use an easy-to-remember scale, such as “always,” “some of the time,” or “rarely,” to indicate how frequently something occurs. Medical professionals and patients alike may benefit from online forums for patient education, which can be accessible by both parties for instructional purposes.

Identify two teaching strategies that can be used based on the client interview

Because this patient has been taking each medicine for some time, I feel a self-assessment of safety measures is acceptable. As an example, “I take my prescription at the same time each day” may be included in an online survey. “Also, I haven’t taken a dosage of my medicine in a while.” On a scale of “Always,” “Sometimes,” or “Never,” this would be ranked. This client is well-versed in medical terms and has a good reading comprehension level, so online materials might also be shared with her. There are websites where she may get up-to-date information on the safety studies and possible adverse effects of her drugs

List specific client instructions regarding the medications and what adverse reactions they should be aware of/and what to do.

When J.H. is taking Abilify, he or she should be warned to use extreme care when driving or doing other potentially dangerous jobs. Symptoms such as dizziness, lightheadedness and weariness may accompany with orthostatic hypotension (see attached Med Grid). Contact her doctor if she notices any of these side effects, and see whether a dose modification is warranted. Suicidal thoughts may be exacerbated by some of her drugs, so she should keep a close eye on herself and have her loved ones keep an eye out for any changes. To prevent unpleasant side effects, she should be cautioned from discontinuing or reducing her Alprazolam dosage without first consulting with her doctor. She should be aware of the warning signs and symptoms of serotonin syndrome since she is taking a number of drugs that have comparable effects.

Identify at least one factor that may negatively influence adherence to the medications and how it can be overcome.

J.H. noted that she takes her prescriptions in the morning on a regular basis throughout the work week. Even if she takes them later in the morning when she isn’t at work, she has a tendency to forget to take them. By setting an alarm on her phone for each Saturday and Sunday at the same hour, she can ensure that she will always be able to take the weekends off.

If, appropriate, describe how the family might be involved in ensuring the client is on a proper and safe medication regime

He is generally the first to notice when she has missed her prescription since he has a keen sense of her emotions. His knowledge of the times and dosages she takes her prescriptions may assist them to recognize if she skips a dose or overdoses.