The exercise will aid students in forming their research project for lab 3 with feedback from the instructor. The pre-lab

The exercise will aid students in forming their research project for lab 3 with feedback from the instructor. The pre-lab assignment will be completed as a group assignment using the same groups for lab 3.InstructionsStudents will complete a group pre-lab assignment to develop their introduction and hypothesis for the report for Lab 3. Students should use content from this submission as part of their lab 3 report. The assignment consists of a research proposal wherein student groups will outline the research questions, background research, hypothesis statement, and experiment design.For lab #3, students will work in groups of 3. Each lab group will come up with their OWN research questions that can be answered using a survey as an investigative tool. Remember that surveys are best suited to understanding human perceptions and thoughts on a topic. Lab 2 investigated the potential market of a fictional product, but the subject for the student generated survey can be on any topic. Consider other questions you have about the attitudes, beliefs, or impressions the general public has on a topic that you are curious about. Use your observations about human activities or suspected perceptions as the reasoning for your research questions. Decide on the research questions you will attempt to answer with your survey and briefly outline them.Once the research questions have been generated, find at least one academic source to support a statement of hypothesis. The information must be relevant and provide facts or evidence that support the prediction made by the hypothesis. The writing must explain how the background information supports the hypothesis. Remember that a hypothesis is generated from observed facts.Lastly, students will outline how they intend to test their hypothesis. This section is basically a brief description of the proposed experimental methods. Students will need to explain why their proposed method would be an effective way to address the hypothesis.Students will submit three paragraphs of writing in a research proposal document, one summarizing observations and research questions, one describing the deductive reasoning for their hypothesis with appropriate background research included with a clear hypothesis statement, and another one briefly outlining a proposed method of experimentation with reasoning for why it would be effective. Students must include citations in text where appropriate and a corresponding reference page at the end of the document.EvaluationThe research proposal submission will be evaluated for the following criteria:Summary of previous observations on the topic and current gaps in knowledge that will be addressed by the study. The key research questions for the study are outlined. (20 points)Background research is gathered and comes from an appropriate academic source. The research is related to their main topic of investigation and is effective in aiding the students to form a predictive hypothesis. (20 points)A clearly stated and properly formed predictive hypothesis statement, including quantifiability and falsifiability. (20 points)A brief outline of the experiment design. Students should also briefly discuss how effective their proposed experiment design would be in addressing their hypothesis. (20 points)Spelling, grammar, and appropriate academic voice. (10 points)Citations and references in APA format. (10 points)