The Final Exam These are your instructions for the final exam due

The Final Exam

These are your instructions for the final exam due on Blackboard on December 12, 2022 by 11:59pm. For each learning objective of the course, describe and prove that you have learned them using the textbook, other course resources, and topics and subjects you introduce pertaining to the learning objective(s).

The most important thing is to complete the cross-reference of your textbook (plus other materials) and the course learning objectives for the final project. When we started our journey in International Business Environment (BUS345) we identified 10 course learning objectives that we want students to be acquainted with:

1. Introduce national differences in political and economic systems

2. Understand ethical issues and dilemmas in international business, and the moral obligations and ethical strategies of international firms

3. Introduce national differences in culture, with particular focus on business ethics, social responsibility, and diversity

4. Introduce theories and policies of international trade and investment

5. Introduce emergence, opportunities, and challenges of regional trade blocks and dynamics of international organizations

6. Introduce functions and forms of global monetary and financial systems

7. Introduce international business strategy, foreign market entry strategy, and global marketing with particular focus on business ethics

8. Introduce export and import practices

9. Introduce financial management in the international business

10. Elevate the student’s ability to connect facts and understand relationships, developing effective oral and written communications skills, and international business research skills

The final exam project will be graded on the completeness, grammar, graphics and use of sources other than the Wild & Wild International Business textbook.