The Four Horsemen

View the brief video on The Four Horsemen: Gottman’s 4 Horsemen Video (Links to an external site.)
Gottman describes how distressed couples are more likely to interact. These behaviors are sometimes referred to as “Sulfuric Love.” The couples express their contempt by sarcasm, mocking, name calling or with non-verbal expressions such as eye rolling, door slamming, huffing and sighing.
The use of sulfuric love expressions and behaviors is cruel. Research on sulfuric love has shown the results of using sulfuric love can have life-threatening physical results over time.
Examine two couples you know (real or fictional) who exhibit “sulfuric love.” Give specific statements and scenarios which describe those behaviors associated with sulfuric love (they are highlighted above). Identify the sulfuric love behaviors in your scenarios. Be sure to use the expressions of non-verbal sulfuric love behaviors. Divide your work into TWO sections: Couple 1 and Couple 2.
Be sure to LABEL and CONNECT each scenario to the sulfuric love characteristic you are describing.