The Holistic View of the Nurse

Include how you remember learning it (from your parent/s directive, sibling or friend, cultural or ritual example, etc.). Be specific. Think about how doing the behaviors made you feel? Was it a good health behavior (such as brushing your teeth 3 times a day) or a negative one (staying at the table until you ate all of your vegetables)? Compare it to the health behaviors that you observed. Summarize whether or not you or your patient will continue these health behaviors or be successful in changing them? If negative or harmful behaviors, explain barriers that may be preventing you or your patient from changing them. If positive, describe influences that will help to continue practicing this/these positive behavior/s. Finally, describe how thinking about these influences will impact a therapeutic relationship development with your patient.Length: 150 – 250 WordsCitations: A minimum of two recent citations in APA format, not older than 5 (five) years, required