The impact of the Gettysburg address

(The video link for The Gettysburg Address is on these two sources, evaluate what you think the impact of the Gettysburg address had on the war torn nation – both at the time of the speech and in the following months and years. Questions to consider include:·        How does this speech respond to the ideas that Jefferson Davis has put forth in his justification of secession? ·        Why has the Gettysburg Address, which was very short and mostly ignored when given, created such an impact in our world today?  Make sure to discuss BOTH primary sources.These questions are meant to elicit a brief essay.  Students will identify, analyze, and evaluate arguments as they occur in the documents and develop well-reasoned arguments.  Your paper must fully answer the above questions.  You must have a thesis (argument) statement and use specific evidence to support your claims.  BOTH sources must be referenced in this short paper.  Your answers should be drawn from thought and reflection of the posted class materials, the text book, and the assigned document.  No sources from outside the class materials should be used or are necessary. The essay should be a full 2-3 typed pages (double-spaced, and 12 point, Times New Roman font or equivalent, double spaced, 1 inch margins on all sides, single spaced header material, text of paper must start two lines below the title).  Spelling and grammar will be taken into consideration.  Proper citation MUST be used.