The systems analysis and design project.

1. The project should address a real life situation and be
implementable (though you will stop with the design in this project). I suggest
that you search the Internet for B-to-C E-commerce systems that you can use.
For example, the following are good sources:
(or train, cruise, concert, or other) ticket purchase
sites on the internet
banks and financial institutions
insurance (life, medical, homeowner, and others) purchase
(car, video, audio, and others)
You can also use traditional firms if you can get the
requisite permission from the appropriate people. Also, they should be able to
provide you with the data to complete your project.
2.For the firm you have chosen, identify the major functions
that a visitor can perform on the website by navigating through the website.
You may have to register at the site to get access to the more important
functions the site allows you to perform.
3.Document each function. Figure out the process used in
each function, the inputs used, and the outputs generated. The contents of web
pages that you see will give you information on these. However, web pages alone
will be inadequate. You have to use your knowledge about the
industry/firm/function to identify other data used by the system.
4.Identify at least two problems or limitations related to
the functionality. The limitations could be new functions that could be useful
to a potential customer or improvements over existing functions. The problems
not be related to aesthetics or speed of the website.
5.Model the system
6.Analyze the models and propose a new system.
7. Transform the models into detailed design
Project Deliverables
Interact with the website to understand the functionality
provided by the site. Identify any problems you encounter in using the site.
Note down any improvements that can be made. The problems and improvements
should relate to the functionality provided by the system.

Source documents, including
screen dumps, from the website.

A brief description of
functionality provided by the website.

A problem statement (Systems
Proposal) (Include only the problems or limitations you encountered; there
is no need for objectives and scope)

A Context Diagram

Level 1 DFD

Documentation of all data used
in the above models