The Three-body problem

The three-body problem is one of the most interesting fiction stories from China. I think the novel is going to be about technology, betrayal, and competition between Asia and the developed world. I think it is filled with secrets, mistrust, and the need for knowledge to understand the riddle. I believe it will explain high knowledge in science despite being fictional.

My favorite character is Ye. I admire her character since, despite going through numerous challenges, she does not forget her background but keeps learning from history. I like her way of conducting her life plans in secret and taking responsibility to ensure that the secret is sealed. For instance, she kills her husband to ensure that her secret will not get exposed.

My favorite quote is ‘Ye returns to Tsinghua as a professor.’ It encourages me because the girl went through so many challenges ranging from being branded as a traitor, imprisoned, but still intends to help society as a professor. It teaches us that despite the shortcomings of life, one should always focus on doing good.

My favorite scene is when Ye is in a loveless marriage with Yang and gets a message from a concerned alien specialist and later decides to kill her husband to maintain her secret. Although I do not support the act of killing the scene shows that Ye learned from past experiences and was ready to do anything to keep her promise.

I like the ending of the novel since it shows the importance of unity as world leaders come together to fight a common enemy. It teaches us that unity enables humans to solve problems. It further educates the readers on ways of handling problems without hurting one another.

From the novel, I take away knowledge of the importance of maintaining secrets and avoiding trusting people who are not worth trust. For instance, Ye trusted the government journalist who later gets her into prison. The lesson makes her ensure that she is the only one holding a secret in the future.

I feel that the genre of magical realism depicts well in the novel. The use of supernatural beings like aliens presented in real-world settings provides the basis of magical realism. In the domain of magical realism, the supernatural creation mixes with the natural, familiar world, a case presented by Ye and the alien.

If I were to review the book on Amazon, I would give it five stars. It is a very educative noel outlining the effects of technology, political instability, and mistrust. The novel discusses matters that affect humans in their day-to-day lives despite being fictional. The issues include betrayal, mistrust, and greed. It is a book worth reading.