There are three parts to this assignment Prompt: Your boss has asked

There are three parts to this assignment

Prompt: Your boss has asked you to lead the development of the Dental Department’s annual operating budget for the healthcare facility you selected (Venice Family Clinic). She has also offered to review an outline of your capital budget proposal before you submit it for consideration by the decision makers.

There are three parts to this assignment that you will submit together:

Part One: (Ultraviolet Disinfection Robot Capital Budget Proposal)

To complete this part of the assignment, the following items must be addressed:

I. Proposal

A. Options: What various options are available for the item (Ultraviolet Disinfection Robot) in your budget proposal? Provide multiple options for your supervisor or board to consider. You will want to have various options ready because one option may not be approved by your supervisor or board, but another option may better fit their needs.

B. Financial Research: Describe the cost-benefit of each option based on relevant information and research. Information and research can include research on the item or vendor, organizational numbers, price quotes, and more. Be sure to provide relevant documentation in an appendix or reference slide to show the depth of your research and the various options available.

C. Organizational Resources: Identify what resources would be needed to implement one of the options in your proposal

D. Communication: What method of communication would be used to notify departments across the organization and what methods would be used throughout proposal implementation? Justify the appropriateness of your suggestions.

E. Statements: What statements were utilized for formulating your proposal and why? Select the appropriate statements for analysis and defend your choices.

F. Expenses: What major expenses are associated with your proposal item?

G. Budgetary Accounts: What budgetary accounts (i.e., salaries) are impacted and in what way?

Part Two: Dental Department Budget

Create your annual Dental Department Budget per your boss’ request. As part of your capital budget proposal, you will need to apply the cost of your capital budget item (Ultraviolet Disinfection Robot), and all associated costs, to the Dental Department within the organization (Venice Family Clinic).

Using the budget sample as an example, create your own Dental Department Operating Budget in the Operating Budget sheet. Please note that this is just an example provided to help you get started. You do not have to use all the budget items found in the budget sample if they do not apply to your department. You may find that additional items are appropriate to include for your department beyond what is included in the sample. Use the Budget sheet to calculate the costs of your capital budget item (Ultraviolet Disinfection Robot).

As you create your Dental Department’s Budget, consider items such as hiring new staff, training, technology, and any other related costs. Also account for the potential revenue generated as a result of implementing the capital budget item as well as any potential expenses incurred by your department. These should be high level estimates

Part Three:

To complete this part of the assignment, the following items must be addressed:

H. Reasoning: Based on the previous year’s budget data, why did you select these budget items for adjustment over other options?

I. Ratios: Research the various ratio options (including ROI) used for reviewing financial statements. Determine what ratios you will use for your proposal item (Ultraviolet Disinfection Robot) and explain why.

J. Ratio Calculations: Using budget statements, formulate calculations that support each recommendation.

K. Projected Departmental Budget: Create a projected departmental budget for the upcoming year that incorporates the costs of the proposed changes.