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Research paper

Business plan

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The proposal must be written in the form of full sentences and paragraphs (no notes or bullet points) with all text written in your own words (no quotations). Concepts and ideas taken from other people, or references to specific publications, should be fully cited using APA style.

Your thesis focus and relevance

Provide a brief introduction to the topic and justify why it is worth doing. How is your thesis novel or original? How would it contribute to society and/or business? You must explain how the thesis will encourage responsible leadership or make a contribution to sustainable development.

Research paper: What is your research question?

Business plan: What is the problem? What is the solution? What kind of business are you proposing?

Management report: What is the focus of your report? What business problems are you trying to solve? What new ideas do you want to explore? Which functional area(s) will you focus on?

For several decades , it has been a real struggle to take care and manage Alzeihmer patients on a daily basis . First , from the society perspective it is difficult to recognize them and therefore treat them fairly (Alzheimer conseil,2022) whether it’s in Europe, Africa, the Middle east… Alzheimer’s patients are facing the same behavior of the people around them in the street . Also , These types of diseases can affect a person’s ability to function independently in terms of social skills and general behavioral . Last but not least , the lack of public knowledge and many other problems related to detecting and diagnosing the disease can be challenging even for daily tasks and can make the job even tougher. (Demence, september,2021).

The proposed solution is to raise awareness about the impact of Alzheimer’s on not only the patient’s life but also on their partner and family members by launching the first clothing brand “A.L&F” that tracks the Alzhimer patients . Tracking is only available to close family members and can be a GPS and the process will be further explained in detail . Moreover, the business will have a huge impact on people’s lives making it easier and safer . An universal logo will be associated with the brand in order to make the garment recognizable everywhere they go .

The proposed business type is merchandising . A social entrepreneurship business will be established in the capital of Tunis , Tunisia and will be further expanded to Africa and the Middle East and maybe Europe in the future. The brand will be selling trackable clothing pieces and accessories in order to help Alzeihmer patients get detectable in case of loss or help.

The originality of our concept is striking,since it will be the first brand in Tunisia that works not only in sensitize the community about the problems that patients and their families are facing but also a brand that will sell things that will later be indispensable in the life of each person with Alzheimer’s and that will be available to everyone. And thanks to the different awareness campaigns, the company will be exposed to the public easily.



Please give us a critical overview of your topic or idea. What are other people saying about this issue? You must outline/define the key relevant concepts and your framework/theory/approach.

Research paper: Provide a critical overview of the key relevant academic literature. Compare, contrast and evaluate the different arguments put forward by scholars. Identify the gap in knowledge or area where you can develop a theory, framework or solution.

Business plan: Provide an overview of the relevant market and/or industry e.g. Market study. Identify which innovative and relevant concepts you will be using as part of your business plan.

Management report: Provide an overview of the context (industry and/or organization) and identify the gap in knowledge or area where you can develop a framework or solution.

North Africa and most countries in the Middle east, are among the regions with a high rate of Alzheimer’s disease. So for example in Middle east 1,5 million person are suffering drom Alzheimer disease and the amount will increase to 7 million in 30 years (Abayad
.A, 2016). Realizing that Alzheimer’s illness addresses 70% of all dementias, the Tunisian population older than 65 years old has around 24,371 individuals with this sickness, and in recent research,60 thousand cases were registered in a single year (Lapresse,2019). Comforting with some statistics, the number of dementia cases will double every 20 years.

Another very important point about Alzheimer’s disease is the disappearance of patients. Wandering is one of the most crucial consequences of Alzheimer disease. Due to the disorientation and loss of bearing many patients are sometimes unable to get back to their home. When you look at the numbers of disappearances around the world, a large part of them are Alzheimer’s patients.

Because of these disappearances, today we notice accidents sometimes fatal for the Alzheimer’s victims. As reported by some testimonies, many accidents have occurred in Tunisia with Alzheimer’s patients (e.g., the 50-year-old man who was beaten in the garden of a house of individuals in Tunisia for having landed in their house in the middle of the night and being confused with a thief …). This kind of accident could be avoided if people could recognize Alzheimer’s patients and distinguish them from healthy people. And even if many companies and associations want to avoid these problems or want to find solutions for Alzheimer’s patients, (by creating appropriate outfits for patients at an advanced stage, or gadgets installed at home for the comfort of patients …) . they still lack the balance between their security and their freedom as human beings.

“A.L&F” works for filling this gap by offering a great help to the patients but also to their families. The company aims to mix a solution that will allow patients safety and their families the comfort. “A.L&F” will be the first clothing brand to offer geolocatable clothes and accessories: the QR code included in the logo of the clothes that will be scannable and not expensive and the GPS clothes that will be integrated in the accessories and will be remotely locatable. Moreover, the copagnie will create a universal logo inspired by the purple ribbon (for Alzheimer’s awareness) that mwill be printed on all the clothes in order to recognize patients in the street. The company will also create a platform/application to have information on patients and locate them.

This solution that “A.L&F” propose will aim to recognize or distinguish Alzheimer’s patients, raise awareness, and warn people of the gravity of the patient’s situation, offering realistic freedom to patients and finally create a bridge between sick people and the persons around them through QR codes and the platform.

Given that in Tunisia there is absolutely no company that offers this kind of services, “A.L&F” will then be in a non-competitive market (Lapresse,2019). But since the company aims at expanding into international markets such as Europe, Middle East in the future, it will face competitors there. Because Most of the companies that provide services, gadgets or care for Alzheimer’s patients are located there and it may be a little challenging (La prise en charge en europe,2008). Such as Keruve, that offers locatable watches or the different brands that offer many kinds of small devices equipped with gps.

So our innovative concept will have an impact on many industries. It will contribute to the development of services for Alzheimer’s patients but also allow families to have a more peaceful and comfortable life.Our brand will create change and have a social impact as well as a social and environmental impact.

Your research plan

How do you plan to find out about your topic and who might you need to talk to to get information to:

Research paper: Answer your research question(s)?

Business plan: Assess the feasibility of your plan?

Management report: Justify the need for the management report?

Describe in detail the methods you will use to achieve the objective of your thesis. What type of data will you collect? What sources will you use (primary or secondary)?

Identify any potential limitations to your research. What data might be difficult or impossible to find? How could that impact the reliability of your findings?

Explain how you will integrate ethics into your research process e.g. Use of consent forms, confidentiality agreements.

For the moment, the method we have chosen to reach our objective is first of all the surveys and try to collect as much data as possible concerning the evolution of Alzheimer’s disease in Tunisia. Given that we will face the lack of recent information on the internet,we will rely mostly on surveys and collect data in hospitals and Alzheimer’s awareness associations. Since we will be on the field we have already organized meetings with one of the famous associations in Tunisia to have recourse to the documents concerning this disease. Also thanks to the ease of reaching the hospital “Al Razi” Alzheimer disease center,we will have the chance to come in direct contact with several individuals and families related to this disease and so have a precise informations abour the current situation of this disease. In addition to this, the financing will probably have funders who can finance the projects or also campaigns for the collection of funds thanks to the charitable associations of Tunisia like Rotary of different regions, Leo club…

Based on this method, the project will be easy to realize but we must take into consideration the limitations we have and study them well.As mentioned before, the lack of recent informations on internet will probably make the analysis of the project not accurate and more challenging but not impossible to do.More than that, the items we’re going to create might not be to everyone’s taste. so it’s going to be a tight schedule to be able to adapt to the market before I reach my cash flow limit.

Trust, responsibility, authenticity and respect are critical values in “A.L&F”, we aim in keeping the privacy of our buyer’s information. this process has been taken into account in order to Keep up with security and privacy of all members and avoid any unexpected damages.

Reference list

The proposal must use APA style in-text citations and include a reference list. The list should contain at least ten relevant references.

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