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Read the following and answer ONE of the two questions. Please reply to two classmates’ posts and share your thoughts and feelings with one another. You must post before seeing replies.
In the text readings, you learned about drug misuse and drug abuse. Using a roommate’s prescription drug because you think it will help your symptoms is drug misuse.
Have you ever witnessed or been a part of drug misuse? If so, share your example. It is important to be aware of what the definition truly is in order to correct the behavior. Are you going to modify your behavior or choices with the knowledge gained from this chapter? Please reply to two classmates.
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2. Prolonged use of a chemical substance can change how the brain functions and the body can develop tolerance to the chemical. Discuss if you have ever witnessed or experienced others who seem to exhibit tolerance? (Many people are ingesting an abundance of caffeine daily… perhaps you see family members consuming too much alcohol…) Reply to two classmates’ posts.