This task I want to modify the solution in to.

1- Here it is missing. In paragraph (b) (Benchmarking) of the second point, he wants to talk about two competing sites for Dokkan Afkar. We are talking about their platforms and tools, what platforms they excel at and which platforms and tools fail at. In other words, we are talking in positive and negative terms.
2- In paragraph (c) we will talk about the suppliers of digital marketing in terms of the search engine, social media and website.
3- As for the last question that is required to talk about all the forces, in addition to explaining 2 facts for each force, the explanation should linked to our website Dokkan Afkar.
1- All questions must be linked to the Dokkan Afkar website.
2- In question 2, if any blister was searched for and no answer was found through the site, it is allowed to invent and fabricate an answer.
3- It is important to refer to chapters 2 and 3 when answering.
4-All answers must be linked to our website, Dokkan Afkar.
5-It is very important that no student of the electronic university has the same solution, otherwise my fate will be 0.