This topic for your final research argument as well

this will be continue for assignment 2

Essay #3: Researched Argument
Purpose: To Research, Inform, and Construct an Argument
Audience: Opponents to your claim (you decide the specifics and degree) or undecided/unaware
For Advancements of Medical Technology essay.
The topic was approved.
-needs mla work cited page
For this essay, you will conduct research on a topic of your choosing and approved by me. You may continue pursuing this topic for your final research argument as well, so choose carefully. In 5-7 pages (in MLA format, not including works cited entries), your essay will develop an argument based on at least five sources located using the research process, at least one of which must address a counterargument. In your essay, you will sufficiently inform readers of the general issue and effectively argue your position on the issue. You will also need to concede and/or refute points made by a counterargument.
Make sure that you pose your research question in a way that will result in any type of claim OTHER than a proposal claim (see types of claims handout for details).
Sample research questions and topics:
What are the effects of Oil drilling and pipelines? (causal)
What are the causes of America’s economic disparity? (causal)
How effective are current US tax laws? (evaluation)
Are genetically modified foods healthy? (definition mixed with causal)
What are the effects of technology on society? (causal)
What is the difference between debt-free college and tuition-free college? (definition)
How effective/ineffective are tuition-free college plans? (evaluation)
Can graffiti be considered art or vandalism? (definition)
Develop your research question that will lead to a stance on the issue
Research and read background information and arguments on the issue including AT LEAST FIVE academic sources (at least one of which must be a counterargument) and all fairly recent (within last 5-7 years or so)
Determine your stance on the issue and draft your thesis statement
Conduct an audience analysis to determine rhetorical strategies and evidence to use
Compose your essay including a Works Cited page and in-text citations
Conduct peer review
Submit the final essay through the course content tab on Blackboard

Evaluations: You will be evaluated based on how satisfactorily you produce writing that meets the course objectives/outcomes (see syllabus).
What you will learn/continue to learn:
Evaluating Sources
Varying types of argument claims
Conducting and presenting academic research
Quoting, summarizing, and paraphrasing sources using MLA cit