This week we will begin to think about your first formal writing piece, the

This week we will begin to think about your first formal writing piece, the Reflective Essay. The Reflective Essay is a thesis-driven essay that uses a specific personal experience that relates to our course theme “The power of language”

Consider the following questions:
•What does language mean to you? How can language give you power?
•Think about 3 instances in your life when your ability to communicate profoundly affected the outcome of a particular situation.

Something you need to understand about the power of language…
language can be used TO YOUR ADVANTAGE ….. like talking your way out of a speeding ticket
language can be USED AGAINST you… like being in a foreign country and not being able to communicate with people for directions or some other need.

For the Reflective Essay, you will be choosing 1 specific personal story/experience
and exploring it related to “the power of knowledge” where you either used language to your ADVANTAGE or a situation where language was used AGAINST you.
Example 1: A student may write about how they used their knowledge of a second language to help someone who perhaps didn’t speak english at a store or the supermarket.

Example 2: A student may write about an experience with a doctor where medical terminology was used and they didn’t understand what was being said….this is an example of language being used against you

It will take you some time to come up with a particular instance you are happy with and can see yourself writing about extensively (3-4pages) with details, dialogue, etc…. You need to tell the story in such a way that I should be able to picture it in my mind like a scene from a movie. Choose wisely! Once you write your first draft you can’t switch your topic!!!