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My definition of poverty before studying public health is individuals who do not have enough amount of money to have material possessions. Poverty alleviation can be put into four types such as community organization based on micro-financing, capability and social security, market-based, and good governance (Singh, 2020). Also, having income growth will help reduce the poverty along with improving income distribution. Inflation reduces poverty and inflation improves the income distribution in short term but has no effect on the long-term distribution. Poverty alleviation programs need to focus on educating the younger generation, on basic health care and improving childhood nutrition. Education is a powerful key to helping with poverty because understanding and having a basic education can help individuals with opportunities. Basic health care and improving childhood nutrition will help create free health care and give mothers nutritious food during pregnancy (Wolfe, 2021). Overall, economic growth is important for poverty reduction.
Material good does not feel the needs of the soul (Helminiak, 2020). Spiritual poverty is the lack of sensitivity towards the spirit. The holistic approach should focus on coming together within the organizations, governments, and healthcare. Doing the following and providing food, clothing, housing, healthcare, and job assistance will help resurrect impoverished communities.