Trends in Digital curriculm

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It is widely recognized that access to technology in the education environment has increased exponentially in recent years. The increased role of technology in the workplace, school environment, and society makes it imperative that people function in a variety of literacies.
Read the resources in Module 7 referencing Trends in using Digital Curriculum
Choose 3 technology tools/resources currently being used in your setting ( school/organization).
Use the Gartner Hype Cycle for Education diagram in your text (Gordon, etal, p.267) to determine each of the tools’ current status in your education arena.
Create a potential roadmap to present to decision-makers in your school/organization on suggestions to move your organization forward utilizing technologyInclude potential costs and ROI ( Return on Investment) if available.
Be sure to include distance learning modality in your argument.
Be sure to present your argument as though you are presenting to key decision-makers (ex. superintendent, curriculum council, board of education, community) Identify which audience you are addressing and why.
Be sure to cite your text and external sources

Respond to at least 2 classmates this week.


Jun 21st, 2022