Tupac Shakur and the Hip Hop Revoulution

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Please write a detailed 1-page summary of the video including;
2 things that Sonia Sanchez urged people to “Resist”.
1 thing Dr. Smith claims all of his students have in common
Discuss how the term a dream differed is related to Tupac and other segments of society
Assignment 2 link at the bottom
1-Tupac believed that the way he was living was part of his _______________ to being a man.
2-One of Tupac’s inspirations for writing music was _________________
3-Tupac argues that his music doesn’t glorify negativity. He argues that his music is ____________ if you listen to it.
4-Tupac talked about ___________ being big business.
5-Tupac believes that that the whole country is run on and built on _______________
6-Tupac pointed out the government response gang truce and decided that ________________ doesn’t care about gang violence.
7-Tupac said don’t support the ____________ support the real.
8-Tupac’s was charged with ______________9-Tupac argued that everybody wants to live a negative lifestyle because it’s ____________________10-Measure a man by his ___________________ fully.