Two (2) Infographics: Building on the work you did for you

Two (2) Infographics: Building on the work you did for you will be using the application Canva ( Links to an external site.) to develop both infographics, following the basic steps provided below:

Choose either the Proposal document or one audience from your Extended Definition document. Not both. You will only be using one of these documents for the basis of this assignment.

Once you have chosen one of these documents, choose two sub-audiences from within the chosen context of that document.

For example, if you wrote an Extended Definition for a lab you work in, you could determine your two sub-audiences as a) new interns/assistants and b) directors or principal investigators (PIs).

Or, if you wrote a Proposal regarding a former company you interned at, you could determine your two sub-audiences as a) fellow interns and b) management.

Decide on the subject matter for the infographics. The subject of the infographics should be relevant to the topic in your proposal or to the extended definition that you’ve chosen as the basis for this assignment. The infographics’ overarching topic should be the same for each; however, each infographic will likely contain different information regarding that overarching topic, based on what each audience might need or want to know.

Now that you have the subject matter and the audiences chosen, craft two separate infographics, one for each audience. Following the guidelines discussed above, especially the issues that you will cover in your Analysis, design the infographics according to the specific needs, values, job functions or other attributes of each audience.



 According to the peer review from Anne Bezwada and Bennies Toe. I have edited serval things on my paper. First, I had problem on lack of details about my roles in each company as well the hierarchy so there was more context. Then, provide more details on each Audience Analysis. Also, I have added more responsibilities description of my role and gave examples on the duties of the role. Based on Bennies Toe, the comment left in my first draft was “Your extended definition was very detail. I like that your format was consistent.” It’s hard to find a useful advice from it. As a result, I edited my final version based on Anne’s peer review. I have done my peer review assignment on Andrea Ayoroa and Kelly Kuang.

What I learned from Andrea is she had great explanations on every analysis and definitions. Using Contrast/Negation technique on Audience Analysis 1 which is how Guerrilla marketing is beneficial on advertisement. It was a very successful analysis to me. She has explained on how Guerrilla Marketing is successfully used on the recruitment but unsuccessful on their marketing tactics. After peer reviewing Kelly’s paper, I have learned on giving my roles and the companies roles in every analysis. Kelly has explained on how Class 520 has successfully done their digital transformation during the pandemic in the first audience. Also, Kelly has clarified her role working as a tutor in Lead4Future. Great explanation on how the digital transformation is enhancing the classroom environment and engage children in learning by using large touchscreen board to deliver lessons and entertainments. Which is another successful work using Compare/Negation technique.

In this course, I believe that I will do well on the Proposal assignment. The reason is that I have had some professional experience on event planning as program coordinator in the past. There were multiple successful marketing proposals I have done during my work experience. What could be difficult to me in this course should be the infographic assignment which I have never done before. Also, after carefully reading the instruction of infographic assignment. It should be recorded using canvas or zoom. I have never had any experience with it. So, I am assuming it could be the most difficult assignment for me in this course. During my work experience or previous ENGL courses. I was hesitant on every project that requires a presentation and public speaking. However, I am confident on every project that using the platform that I have experienced with.

Audience Analysis 1

Working in Amazon warehouse assistant is basically working around Amazon warehouses to make sure that receiving and delivery of customer orders are done efficiently. Our roles include receiving inventory and putting away or packing customer orders in good condition. This role can be generally defined as managing stock. This is because it includes the reception of inventory and putting away inventory (Amazon, 2022a). Further, we also have a role of packing and putting in good condition stock in the warehouses and retrieving the stock and packaging it for customers. Filling orders make an important role for us as we come into near contact with customers. Other roles include delivery staff, drivers, supervisors, and field marketing agents.

Extended Definition 1

The role of warehouse assistants has shifted offer the recent years. At amazon especially, there has been a significant technology transformation in warehouses. Technology transformation includes changes that are seen in warehouses with the integration of new and innovative technologies. Some of the new technologies that amazon has implemented in its warehouse include:

Inventory management system (IMS)

AWS aurora


Mobile robots (Amazon, 2022b)

These are just a few technologies that amazon has implemented in its warehouses. These technologies transform operations in the warehouse in many ways. For instance, we support Amazon’s obsessiveness with the customer seeking to provide seamless services and delivery to amazon prime customers. The company has attempted to achieve delivery to customers within 2 hours of order. Managing high volumes of customer orders and delivering them within this period can be difficult when managed manually. Automated robots can select items ordered by customers and drop them at the inventory put-out area (Amazon, 2022b). Further, technologies in inventory management including scanners make it easy and accurate to assess the volumes of goods that get in and out of the warehouse. Warehouse assistants at Amazon as such have less manual work when getting inventory in and out of the warehouse. The inventory management system gets real-time updates of inventory to make decisions of supplies so that supplies are delivered on time and there are always all commodities whenever a customer orders.

Audience Analysis 2

Working as a call center representative, one is required to answer customer calls and respond to their queries and problems. As such, one is required to have good communication skills and be knowledgeable on a variety of company issues. At First-Key homes, call center representatives need for instance to understand the various needs of customers, and the different departments within this real estate solutions business. As such, one can be able to direct the customer to the specific department where their services fall (, 2022). Besides, one needs to be able to listen and provide an amicable solution from the first to the finish. Besides other call representatives, we work around with other staff in different ranks in the organization including executives, sales agents, and supervisors among others.

Extended Definition 2

There has been a significant technological transformation in the space of call centers. These advancements take keen note of the main role of call center representatives who pick up and answer the queries of their customers. In the case, the queries are beyond the jurisdiction of the call representative, one can refer the customer to another agent. The technology advancements are made to facilitate and enhance the performance of the staff in its department as well as to enhance customer perception. Ideally, the call center plays an important role in shaping customer perception of the company. This is especially because, at the call center, critical customer questions are answered. Technology transformation as such, in this context, includes enablement of the call center with technology trends in communication. This includes the use of video calls, use of AI, and chatbots (Rademeyer, 2014). Chatbots are used to give automatic replies to customer queries, like welcoming them to the website greetings and other simple responses. The use of these technologies transforms operations in the call center giving customers high-value products and services. This organization receives many customer requests from both new and current customers on various services in the real estate service, technology integration in the call center helps enhance customer satisfaction, through seamless solutions.

Audience Analysis 3

Working as data entry clerk is to complete a variety of tasks involving data management. This includes data entry and review of entered data before the data is used for an important task. This is a role that is increasingly present in many organizations and government offices. Data services LLC is us based organization with operations in different locations. Among key staff in the organizations are data entry clerks, some of whom work in the office while others work remotely. Apart from data entry clerks there are IT professionals (, 2022b) who manage the organization on side servers. Others include the company’s different level managers and different specialists like its technology solutions.

Extended Definition 3

Several transformations have occurred in the data entry jobs. One of those technologies is that data entry clerks have been alienated from the human interface dominated in traditional data entry jobs. This means that data entry clerks do not need to be physically present to collect data. Traditionally, data entry clerks needed to take the paper and write different files. The data filled in these files would then be transferred to an excel file manually. Today, however, this data can be fed directly from scanners in the warehouse eliminating the paper and pen (Albukhitan, 2020). The data entry clerks however still play an important role when a company needs to compare or transfer data from one format or document to another. A few documents can still be retained as hard paper and pens.

Not all companies have managed to achieve all these transformations but are taking gradual adaptations of the same. Each milestone in adding technology in the data entry area reduces human engagement and cut down costs. Other businesses also have engaged in digital transformations for their data entry (Albukhitan, 2020). Those with advanced technology have digitized all their systems so that update in the inventory achieves automatic update to all the forms or data entry areas. The only task would then be for financial income statements and their interpretations.