two historic fires that resulted in changes to the fire code

Fires that generally resulted in large life loss have driven the need for changes in the code. Make sure to include the cause of the fire and any contributors that resulted in any fire deaths. Your paper should follow APA style.
2)Insurance Service Office rating is very important to the fire service in terms of showing effectiveness of a fire department. Write a one-page paper explaining the ISO grading scale and what is measured as part of
the grading process. Your essay should follow APA style
3)Write a one-page essay on how culture influences peoples’ attitudes toward fire and fire prevention. For instance, in some cultures having a fire in your home is looked at as a shameful event. In other cultures, it is accepted as just an unpreventable event. Give specific examples of the different cultures and their attitudes toward having a fire in their home or business. Your essay should follow APA style.
4)Your fire department is facing large budget cuts. It has been suggested that the fire prevention budget be eliminated and line firefighters assigned to perform fire inspections while on duty. Write a one-to-two-page essay that either supports this concept or offers an alternative solution. Your essay should follow APA style