Two-Tier Wage Systems. It will provide an insight and starting point in developing an approach to your analysis.

What direction we can expect from them in the future and how stakeholder concerns should be addressed.Requirements:Successful Critical Thinking Exercise will be three (3) to five (5) pages in length and incorporate the information and knowledge gained in the course addressing the areas defined in the Analysis Questions.
This paper will be graded for originality and insight. It will be moderated through Turnitin to check for plagiarism; you will be able to view the report of your paper on the due date of the assignment; resubmissions will not be allowed. It is important to keep in mind: This is a business report and your response should focus on the business aspects from a management perspective. What would you do/recommend as a manager?
Topics: This is a specific business related topic that needs to be addressed.
Length: 3-5 pages (excluding the cover page)
Format: There is no required format. You should use a format that you would use to respond in a business environment (ie. an informal report or memo). If needed, you are encouraged to search the internet for a format that works for you.
Title pageIn the title page, you would usually be expected to include:
Title of the report – This needs to be brief, but describe what the report is about
Your class information
Your name and student ID
Name of the person the report is written for
Other details you might be required to include.
reasons for undertaken the study and writing the report
the assumptions which were made in the study
the scope of the investigation, i.e. what is covered and what is not
the limitations inherent in the study
an outline of the structure of the report.
support (or otherwise) that the results provide for the hypotheses
factors which may have influenced your results,
implications of the results.
ConclusionThe conclusion is a summary of your study – its overall purpose, the steps in the process, its overall findings. This should lead to the recommendations as required. RecommendationsIf the purpose of the report is to suggest actions that should be taken they should be summarized and include how they should be implemented and monitored.