U.S. and Canadian Emergency Management Systems and Interagency Communication Case Study Topic Choice

Two Assignments:
Assignment ONE:
Assignment Content
With shared land and water borders between the United States and Canada, a shared or coordinated response to disasters and global emergencies is likely. In this assignment, you’ll prepare an executive summary comparing the 2 systems and addressing how their similarities and differences would affect collaboration and communication during emergency events.Write a 1,250-word executive summary of the U.S. and Canadian emergency management systems. Address the following in your executive summary:Describe the U.S. emergency management system.
Describe the Canadian emergency management system.
Explain the steps involved in a multinational response involving both countries.
Discuss how interagency collaboration and communication can be maintained when systems existing in the United States and Canada are disparate.
Cite 2 sources.Format your executive summary according to APA guidelines.
Assignment Two:
Assignment Content
Preview the Wk 5 – Summative Assessment: Interagency Communication Case Study.Identify a natural or human-made disaster that occurred in your geographic region that you would like to write about for this assignment and list 3 interagency interactions that you could investigate for effectiveness of communication and collaboration.Submit your topic choice and receive approval.
Effects of Globalization on Interagency Collaboration
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FEMA (2019). PrepTalks: David Kaufman “Our changing world: The challenge for emergency managers” [Full video], (25:13).