Unit 4 question 9 Konnikova What is the Dunbar number and why

Unit 4 question 9 Konnikova

What is the Dunbar number and why does Konnikova find it interesting?

Define ONE of the following words: eponymous or synchronicity. How does Konnikova use it? 

Choose one kind of evidence that Konnikova cites from Dunbar’s research? Explain how it works. 

How can friendship have a “physiological aspect” (4)?

Why is it that Konnikova believes that social media may actually end up making humans less social?

What does Konnikova mean by “social capital” (4)? 

What is Dunbar explaining when he describes the “sixty-forty split of attention” (4)? 

First what does this phrase mean? Be specific and use details. .

Then, how does this help explain Konnikova’s main idea in this paragraph? Use the context around this phrase to help you explain the connections.  

In the last two paragraphs, Konnikova starts discussion childhood development. Why is this important? 

Include an important quote that helps you explain at least one main idea from this section. Explain the meaning with details.

d. In your own words, how does this point connect with the rest of the essay?

Choose one source of supporting evidence that Konnikova incorporates into her essay. 

Explain the main idea of this evidence

What does Konnikova mean by the “synchronicity of shared experience” (3)? Explain the meaning in your own words using the context of the paragraph.