Using Data for Problem Solving

(not including your title page and reference page) submitted in APA format. I posted a template in the Files section. Please complete your own graph and do not copy and paste one from the text or internet. If you don’t have graphing software or excel, please just do your best. You can even draw it by hand and upload a picture. Using Data for Problem SolvingRod Simmons is a civil service employee, managing a state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office. The DMV office issues annual auto registrations, renews driver’s licenses, and conducts driver examinations. The office is organized into departments, each with a supervisor reporting to Rod. The Vehicle Registration Department has eight clerks. The Motor Vehicle Operator License Department is staffed with four clerks and four examiners.Rod has become increasingly concerned because documented taxpayer complaints directed at his office have been increasing over the past year. This has recently come to the attention of his superiors at the state capitol, who have begun putting pressure on him to stop the complaints—somehow. Rod is not sure at this point how to go about it. He knows that it would be better to look at the available data to try to find the cause, or causes, rather than just giving a “pep talk” to his employees. He starts by assembling the following:The office handles about 35,000 license or registration transactions annually.Workforce history:Nine of the 12 clerks have been with the office for five years or more. Three were added during the last year.Two of the examiners have over five years’ tenure, while the other two have less than one year.Office work schedule and hours available:Office hours are 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. with one hour for lunch, Monday through Friday.Lunch hours are staggered for clerks and examiners, half from 11:00 a.m. until noon, and the other half from noon until 1:00 p.m. (By doing this, the office is open for business nine hours per day.)Clerk hours available/year: 23,000Examiner hours available/year: 7,800Supervisor hours available/year: 3,800Procedures:A driver’s license must be renewed every three years during the driver’s birth month.Vehicle registration must be renewed annually within the 12th month of the current registration.Total complaints for the last two years:Month    Complaints This Year    Complaints Last YearJanuary              14                                                6February              10                                              7March                    14                                                      5April                    20                                                    10May                    19                                                    9June                      21                                          10July                    27                                                  13August            31                                                  16September    36                                                    19October            24                                                    13November    28                                                    14December    30                                                    12Totals                  274                                                134Total taxpayer complaints by category for the current year:Berating by examiners                                    21Clerks ignoring customers (taxpayers)    35Incompetence                                                  33Long waits in line                                                  75Rudeness                                                                  60All others                                                                  50If you were Rod, how would you use the problem-solving methods and tools covered in this chapter and Chapter 15 (Links to an external site.) to highlight trends, determine how to proceed, and attempt to find root cause(s)?book name is:Quality Management for Organizational Excellence: Introduction to Total Quality9th EdDavid L. Goetsch and Stanley Davis