using mockingbird and mockflow to build a wireframe

It is sometimes confused for a mockup – which is a similar, but slightly more realistic and advanced version of a wireframe.
For this assignment, I would like you to become familiar with the skills needed to build your own wireframe. As a digital strategist, you may have to work on website content revisions and overall site overhauls one day – and wireframing will be the key to your success. Please create a wireframe of the homepage and 1-2 interior pages for your candidate, committee, or issue campaign that you will be using for your final project. The wireframe should be for the early stages of the campaign, but should include one paragraph identifying what core elements will change as the campaign progresses.
Here is an example of a wireframe. The formatting can vary as long as each element is clearly explained.
If you need help figuring out how to build a wireframe, use one of the free tools out there as a guide. Mockflow and Mockingbird are both good sites for building wireframes and helping you communicate your website ideas more clearly
You will not be graded on any artistic elements (in fact, the design should be sparse), but you will be judged on the structure of the website and comprehensive annotations explaining the functionality of each element.