Virginia Woolf’s To the lighthouse

Time is one of the major themes of the novel which affects the narrative structure and provides the overall philosophy of the novel.  In your paper, discuss how the passage of time affects the narrative structure in the novel.  Moreover, elaborate on the relationship between these effects on the narrative structure and the overall philosophy of the novel.3)    Virginia Woolf belongs to the group of early twentieth-century writers who were called “High Modernist” writers.  Among other experimental stylistic techniques this group was well-known for having introduced “stream of consciousness” technique in novel writing.  In your essay, elaborate on Woolf’s stream of consciousness style in the novel and how she employs stream of consciousness to do characterization.  For this essay on characterization you will need to focus on ONE character, either Mrs Ramsay or Lily Briscoe.  Discuss how and why Woolf tries to capture her characters’ thought processes, and what she conveys about her characters by focusing on their subjective world.  Moreover, how does this help her convey some of the major themes of the novel? Please Choose 1. I have the book and can send pictures of the pages if anything. I NEED AN A ON THIS ASSIGNMENT PLEASE