Web scraping

In this assignment, you will use the web scraping methods that were covered in class to gain competitive intelligence on used cars. As your source, please use the recommended car dealership site that was provided with the sample code for this exercise. Please also use Google Colab to run your code.
Task 4-1: Pick a car make and model of your choice. Select two different cities or locations that you are interested in getting competitive data of your selected car. Extract the prices of your selected car for each of the locations you’ve identified by using the web scraping code provided. Visualizations of your results are encouraged here. (max. 1 point)
Task 4-2: Determine the average price point for your selected car in each of the locations identified. (max. 1 point)
Task 4-3: Calculate the depreciation of the car you’ve selected across the two locations identified. Compare this value across the two locations. Note: You have to use a depreciation formula to determine the depreciation of the car. (max. 2 points)
Task 4-4: Write a competitive intelligence report describing your findings for tasks 4-1 to 4-3. Provide your recommended price for a 3-year-old car of the model you’ve selected in both cities. The recommended length of the main body of the of the report should be 2 – 4 pages, APA format. Please include all screenshots as part of your appendices. (max. 2 points)