week 1 discussion1

Watch Video
What to do first: Creating a welcoming ELL classroom environment – Learn about these important first steps that will help ELLs feel welcome and get them on the path to academic success. Teachers and experts chime in on their experience helping English language learners in the classroom.
https://youtu.be/FegO4Gh3uyk (Links to an external site.)
5 Ways to Welcome ELL Newcomers – Getting new students can be stressful and even more so when the new students speak very little to no English! I want to help take away the stress on you and give you 5 EASY ways you can welcome ELL Newcomers from the first day they begin school. Putting into practice a few of these ideas can really help your newcomer have a successful year and help to eliminate the fears they may have about starting a new school in a different language.
https://youtu.be/FLIRpZAHsGg (Links to an external site.)
Discuss how these ideas and strategies would work for teaching ELL students.